Concerned About Little Gnome

This post is maybe one of the hardest posts I have had to write but it is going to help me. I will give you a bit of background information first.

Little Gnome was born in January a month early as I had severe pre-eclampsia that developed into eclampsia . I was in and out of hospital all through the pregnancy, had various scans, tests all came back normal. Just before Christmas my blood pressure went sky-high and they couldn’t control it so I got admitted into hospital where I stayed until Little Gnome was born I was only let out for Christmas day. Despite being on a mega high dose of blood pressure tablets and permanent bed rest my blood pressure still went up. Finally the consultant stepped in and said they would deliver Little Gnome the next day. So he was born by the via the sunroof , due to me having 3 previous c-sections. When he was born he couldn’t hold his body temperature apart from that he was fine and didn’t need to go to special care baby unit.

Fast forward 9 months we went to appointment with Pinkie and it was the Speech and language therapist that noticed Little Gnome didn’t like lying on his belly, so she picks him up and he wouldn’t put his legs down to bounce. A referral was made for Occupational therapist , physiotherapist etc.
Present day even more major concerns now he holds his legs up as in a frog position, he favours his left side in fact he can’t work with his right side. No sitting up as he can’t support himself, not crawling or rolling. Won’t put his legs down at all. Not talking only babbling. Can’t wean him as he literally chocks on solid food so is living on baby milk. He screams out in pain especially in the middle of the night
Now he has started to extend his body and sometimes has difficulty controlling his body movements especially his head. Until we get a firm diagnosis nothing be confirmed. There are suggestions of cerebral Palsy. It’s not the end of the world I know that but I feel absolutely devastated , angry and upset. Right at this moment, I feel as if I have let my children down and have failed as a mum. I now have 3 special angels .


11 responses to “Concerned About Little Gnome

  1. Ah I didn’t know you were a survivor of this horrible condition too.

    I think you know, deep down, that none of this is your fault. Because if its your fault you got pre eclampsia and Little Gnome has some challenges, then its my fault I got pre eclampisa and Joseph has challenges.

    You have had a lot to deal with, and its never ending for you, and I am so sorry that Little Gnome is not having a straight forward time.

    Pre eclampsia/eclampsia does strange things to the mummy, but can do odd things to the baby, hopefully over time things will become clearer and you’ll get some answers.

    In the mean time, hugs from me x

  2. Hugs my lovely

    He is still young and may be just a bit delayed – its early days yet – He is lucky because he has you but also he is in the system quickly – they are taking this route to make things easier for you and for him.

    • Hi thanks for the hugs and your comment .

      There is something wrong Yo just got to find out what found out today they are fast tracking an appointment for the paediatrician

  3. Dunno what to say. Keep thinking but it all sounds trite. Reading that took me back to Baby Al. The low body temp at birth, we also got lumpy head, unable to take solids and it’s still the raised knees. The babbling – he was 23 months before baby Al was talking real words – and he went straight into complete sentences.

    So never stop looking for positives. It is so hard cos’ you get drawn into a necessary medical circus. You need to do it sadly. But try to not let it drain you.

    And you know the old theory – special kids to special mummies. You are no failure. You battle and love them. It’s just alot to take in. It will get clearer. You are strong Sav, stronger than you know and calm. Whereas I hide in the shoe cupboard with my fingers in my ears humming.

  4. I wish I had some anwers, but just saying I am thinking of you

  5. I just read your post with tears in my eyes, I wish I could give you a massive hug. I really hope you get some answers soon. Please please don’t blame yourself – anyone who reads your blog and tweets can tell you are a fantastic Mum! You’ve been through such a lot, I have no doubt that you will cope with whatever answers come back about your little one.

    Thinking of you and yours.


    Rhoda xx

  6. I feel for have things so hard but despite it all you carry on and do an amazing job.You are a great inspiration

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