Why Are Parents So Hurtful

Today I have had my daughter who is 4 absolutely in bits all because she has not been invited to a party.

I know this happens quite a lot but when the whole class is invited and one little girl gets left out it does smack of discrimination. This is not the first time this has happened to my kids, doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t hurt.
I don’t mind people ignoring me but come on the kids that’s so unfair and to be blunt very childish. If they don’t know how to handle a child with special needs then they should ask. It makes me so angry that they can discriminate against a young child.

The parents were stood talking about their children attending. Then of course you have all the kids telling each other that they are going to X’s party at the weekend. So my task if I choose to take it to explain to a 4-year-old that she won’t be going tomorrow. This is bad enough to do if a child is normal imagine how a child with special needs feels.

So to the parent thank you very much for completely ignoring my daughter she is part of the class like it or not and thank you for ruining my daughter’s weekend. Hope you have a wonderful time at the party.


30 responses to “Why Are Parents So Hurtful

  1. this angers me, shame on the parents involved. I hope they read this and realise what a bunch of………. they are.

    How about we organise a party for your daughter and we all come and make your daughter smile. 🙂

  2. Oh I’m so sorry , I hope your daughter (and you) are ok , I cannot believe people can be so callous. I am absolutely appalled that grown adults could behave in this way towards an innocent child , they should be ashamed of themselves.I really hope you can all have a wonderful weekend together , not inviting her is their loss.Big hugs xx

  3. It disgusts me that people behave this way especially to such a young child, it’s unbelievable, but i guess it is just stupidity.
    I hope your daughter is ok, it is upsetting just to read about, so i understand as a parent it must break your heart. Your blog is inspirational,you write very honestly about how you feel about things, which makes it all the more poignant to read.
    Hope you get through the weekend without too much upset x

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  5. You just don’t need this right now do you? Hugs

    Shall we develop really thick skins and turn up at this party with a pressie, big smiles, our kids and waltz in saying “hello” and eat all the sausage rolls?

    • Sam sounds like a wonderful plan do you think we could pull it off ……………… yeah course we can .

      Well I have one up on her my puppy has been invited into school so the class can meet him lolxxxxxx

  6. No wonder you are upset, for me it is a small few or the whole class. Sorry for you pain

  7. That’s awful!
    How can people behave like that towards a smal child!
    *hugs for you and your daughter*

  8. I cannot believe this has happened?!?!?! Do people still behave like this? I wish I could go to your school and said parent and have a word. Really not on.

    Your poor little girl! 😦

    I hope this doesn’t ever happen again to any our. It is so sad being left out.


    • Thank you very much for your comment. I did wait until all the parents had gone before coming home otherwise I’m afraid I would have said something.

      I will make her weekend as fun as possible, we have choccy cake, a dvd day planned

      wendy x

  9. This is why we start to treat “normal” people with contempt. If they don’t want us then stuff them!

  10. This is disgusting and (as you said) very childish, I can’t believe the parents aren’t grown up enough to come to you and talk to you about it before ignoring and upsetting a small girl!
    Special needs or not she is a 4 year old girl and deserves to be treated better! I really hope you can enjoy your weekend together and she is ok!

  11. My son has Dravet syndrome and severe epilepsy. He is 6 and has only just been to his first schoolmates party.
    His brother who is 4 and without health issues, goes to at least one party every week. It’s sad isn’t it.

    • Hi thanks for the comment.

      It is awful these special angels get discriminated against, life is hard enough as it is without any of that. I know everyone with a special angel is invited to the party of the century anyone who is not a special angel is banned lol

  12. That’s just awful and sad. I used to get excluded sometimes, especially in high school, as I was chronically bullied. There wasn’t anything especially wrong with me I don’t think, I was just shy and bookish.

    But I still recall how hurtful it was.

    Big hugs for your special gurlie, and I hope you can do something lovely instead that will be more fun for her.

    And I promise, when Joseph is at school, I will never ever exclude any child from birthday parties.

  13. Shocked and saddened by this. Hugs to you both.
    Lots of love
    Rhoda xxxxx

  14. As a parent of a child with special needs,I can so say that I have been where you are,and have met this thoughtless behaviour.
    How are the next generation supposed to learn how to behave and how to accept people regardless of race,ability or material worth if their parents are unable to do so?
    Instead of isolating and ignoring a child with additional needs,why dont they ask a parent to come along and stay with the child so that he/she can be included?

  15. I would never have believed that adults would behave in such a way until I had my own (SN) daughter…….If you’re feeling brave, maybe you could speak to the parent and ask her why she did that (sometimes it’s too hard, I know) but at least it might make others think twice before doing the same

    Hugs for your little girl 🙂

  16. I am so sorry to read about this. It is just awful. What is wrong with people????
    I often wonder, If any of these so called parents go on to have more children, they may well have a child with special needs.
    Would they still act the same way with their own?
    I very much doubt it!
    peoples attitudes need to change!!!!!
    Gail x

  17. This always happens to us as a family and it hurts so bad (I’m chocked whilst writing this) our daughter is 11 and it still happens. We just hope when she goes to secondary school in September in the SEN provision she will eventually find a lifelong friend and we can meet some decent parents who won’t ignore us because their children ignore our daughter!

    What is sad is that these parents are failing to teach their children any kind of social skills, which is frightening as these children are our future!

    Donna x

  18. This was an act of ignorance and given it was at a school, down right selfish. To choose a selection is OK – but to invite the whole class bar one – not on.
    When my daughter startede a new school and it was her birthday I invited the whole class. The boy who attacked her at the previous school she had left – moved to her school and I even invited him!!!! If he declines I said, then that is polite of him, but for you to not include one child is to make the situation worse and unfair. He did decline (and some couldn’t make it) but she went on to make good friends in a great class of kids.

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