Christmas and Autism

I know everyone is getting all excited for Christmas and all the preparations on the run up to it, but not everyone feels as happy. For some Christmas is a very hard time to understand and comprehend. So we don’t do the traditional Christmas we improvise.

I am talking about children with Autism for them Christmas does not make sense. What do I mean, here is an example. You know when people put lights up on the outside of my house well Perkie does not understand why they do that, to him lights belong on the ceiling or outside on top of a lamppost, not outside on houses. To him it changes the look of the house. So to combat this I tell him the houses are dressed up ready for Christmas.
Another one is Christmas trees, a Christmas Tree is a definite no-no in our house as it sends him crazy. In his words trees belong outside not in the house and however much I have explained I cannot have a Christmas tree. They pull all the baubles off and then strip the tree and tip it over.So instead we have the lights on the ceiling and they like that as it looks like a disco at night-time.

Then there is Christmas dinner my children had a lot of problems sitting at a big table it was a constant battle each night. So I got rid of my table and chairs, bought them a small table and chairs and they are quite happy now. So Christmas day we all sit on the floor and have our Christmas dinner. Perkie has chicken nuggets instead of the usual meat as he will not eat meat unless its covered in batter and only certain makes at that lol.

I’m trying to show that we are not all the same we are all different, we all think differently as well. What works for one person may not work for another. We are all unique


19 responses to “Christmas and Autism

  1. We have problems getting K into the shopping centres from November onwards because of the bright flashing lights,fake snow,and Grottos.A big man with a fake beard and bright red clothes popping his head out and saying Ho Ho Ho,doesnt help either.
    K has always struggled with Christmas,last year being the worst for him ever…..he spent much of the day,asking to be left alone in his bedroom.Any photos he is in the background of,you can see the confusion in his face.
    Its tricky in a large family like ours,with 6 neurotypical people,and one with ASD to meet everyones needs equally.
    But if Im honest,I personally wish Christmas would go away this year completely!

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  5. We had to put all the decorations up in exactly the same place every year – caused major problems when we moved house! I soon learned to photograph everywhere as a guide for the following year. We don’t bother with Christmas food as no-one will eat it. Peanut butter sandwiches were a favourite for years 🙂

  6. I just wanted to say it can and does get better. Christmas was a total write off in my house for years (one day totally different to all the others- no way!!) but as my son got older he got into it more.

    He’s now 16 and able to tolerate most of the rituals and is in fact probably the most excited on christmas morning!

    We tend not to drag the festivities out in this house anyway so that suits him too as we’re often back to normal the day after boxing day.

  7. Hi, just came over from Twitter via M2M. Thanks for this post: it’s really helpful in understanding what may be going through the minds of our autistic kids. My body, now 8, is really properly looking forward to Christmas for the first time. It helps that we’re in Turkey, so we don’t get the massive build up to Christmas that you get in (mostly) christian countries. Also, we tend to do the same thing every year (a big party with lots of food) so he knows what to expect. Glad I found your blog!

    • Hello lovely to meet you, thanks for your comment.

      I really hope that Christmas goes well for you, yes I think the build up gets them as anxious as well .

      Hope to chat to you again thank you xx

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  10. Hugs for you and Perkie. Nice read. Thanks for sharing your experience, and wish all of us a Happy and Peaceful Christmas with our loved ones.

  11. I bought my son the Polar Express this year. Although he still doesn’t “get” Christmas’ it’s gotten to him in ways I just couldn’t. All the social stories I made didn’t work at all. This is the first time he’s helped to decorate the tree, he was excited to see UPS deliver a box and yelled “present”. I’m not convinced he’ll allow me to take him to the mall, and I’m pretty sure Santas still a big no, but this movie seems to have really helped him see magic this year.

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