Impact On The Daily Routine

Life is funny at times. You go along life getting on with your everyday routine everything going swimmingly then bang something happens to shake this routine and all hell breaks loose.

This happened to the Savvy household this week and to say the Sav-ettes haven’t coped is an understatement. This week sort of started off all wrong anyway with Pinkie not being invited to 2 parties, it sort of set precedence for the week, which as just got worse as the days have gone on.

Here’s what happened to upset the status quo. Mr. Savvy has been doing nights this week, which is unusual as he normally works days. Well this upset the kids because of that change to their routine. So much so, that Pinkie was up the other night absolutely hysterical and wouldn’t go to sleep as she was convinced that there were bears in the room . No matter how much I tried to pacify her and tell her that I had sprinkled fairy dust everywhere she wouldn’t settle down. Cue…. Mr Savvy rings as she is screaming this prompts him to come home to settle her. All settled he returns to work .
An hour or so later Mr Savvy returns home this time absolutely crippled in pain and struggling to walk. He tells me he has hurt his back and that work has sent him home due to him being in so much pain. The following morning the kids come downstairs unaware of the events in the night, they ask why daddy is home so early. So we explain what’s happened. This then prompts a 101 questions. This was just the start.

When they returned home from school , Pinkie had a meltdown promptly followed by Perkie kicking off. Diva absolutely in bits that her dad is suffering and to add to the mix Little Gnome wouldn’t settle at all and constantly screaming. All this due to a change in the routine. Thats a quirk of autistic children they love routine if that routine is broken all hell breaks lose.


2 responses to “Impact On The Daily Routine

  1. I find a change in routine really effects the boys

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