Sinking Feeling

This is a post all about a ranting so if you don’t want to read then that’s fair enough. This is about me struggling to cope all that life is throwing at me at the minute, believe me I am not coping at all well.

As some of you know hubby has hurt his back which means that he is unable to help, which is understandable. Well this has left the kids unable to cope with the change in the routine. Cue massive meltdowns, mood swings you name it they do it. In a week they have scribbled all over the bedroom walls, landing and stairs. They have completely trashed their rooms, it’s going to take me ages to sort them out. This is all the result of meltdowns. To say I’m upset well that doesn’t even begin to show how I feel.

I even told the doctor this week I was struggling to cope, all I got was you women are strong you will hold it all together, mmm some help that is. I have been feeling totally grotty this week as well but some how keep plodding on. I absolutely hate the winter and find it really hard to cope, this year is harder than ever. I’m sorry if I’m not my normal happy self on twitter I am finding it hard to be happy and positive. At the moment there is a dark black cloud over me which I get every winter. It’s not depression as I have been there but it is definitely a horrible feeling.

I feel as though I am sinking deeper each day and don’t know what to do about it. Unless I happen to win the lottery and can hibernate to the Caribbean 🙂


4 responses to “Sinking Feeling

  1. Hubby has put lottery on for us, if we win, we’ll buy your holiday and pay off your mortgage!!!

    You might need to go back to the doctor and mount a sit in protest.

    Love and hugs in the meantime and DM me if you need anything, even a rant. I’m a good listener

    • Thank you for your comment

      Oh and thank your hubby for the kind offer xxxxx Thanks for listening I think the doctor thought I could cope, but yes if it gets worse will definitely go back to him xxxxx

  2. sorry that you are feeling like this. I think you might have SAD. I know that I feel worse in the winter, than the summer. You are allowed not to cope

  3. Sometimes when life throws us lemons we can sunnily make lemonade. In real life we’d rather prozac tho.
    Of course you need to rant, but you also need a better GP!

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