Marley the Puppy 2 weeks on

Well as some of you know 2 weeks ago we had a new addition to the family a gorgeous labrador puppy who was just 9 weeks old. Right lets jumped forward 2 weeks and see how he has settled in.

What can I say he has settled in so well and so quick its unbelievable . The first night we had a couple of wimpers but he sat in his basket and went straight to sleep and has done ever since. He is so gentle around Little Gnome as seems to sense that Little Gnome is different. He even goes over to Little Gnome to just reassure him and the bond they are building up is going to be so strong.

Then we have Pinkie well she is going to be his partner in crime. When ever there is any trouble Pinkie and Marley are not far behind trying -to look as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths lol. I can see when he is older they are going to be causing so much trouble between them but then on the flip side have such a loving bond. Pinkie is his playmate .

Perkie was a bit wary of him at first and Marley sensed this but soon gained each other’s trust , which is so lovely to see. Now when perkie comes home from school he sits with Marley and Little Gnome telling them all he has done at school, which usually involves a trip to the sensory room, which Perkie really loves.

Diva well, she lives up to her name it was “oh get the dog away from me” , when we first got him. Until one day I went out of the room and -come back unexpected and saw her sat with him snuggled on her knee a sight I thought I would never see , the way she performed and pranced about .I nicknamed it the Marley get away from me dance

Myself well he has already helped me , when I feel stressed out I sit with him on my knee and its so relaxing and soothing stroking him, all the stresses disappear. I am looking forward to taking him for his first walk.

Mr Savvy has found him to be a perfect foot warmer as he sits on his feet while he is sat propped up on the settee. Marley is always there to give him comfort.

So was it the right thing the Savvy household getting a dog, the answer is most definitely yes. It has only been 2 weeks but Marley feels like he has been part of the family forever.ZUST9BJPWNR5


10 responses to “Marley the Puppy 2 weeks on

  1. Animals are a huge addition to a family, in particular when there’s a special needs kid in the mix. We have dogs, a cat, a hamster, a budgie and hens…and they’re all great. They teach the kids a measure of responsibility.
    We have our autie dude on a waiting list for an assistance dog, so we are hopeful that this will help even more.

  2. So pleased the hot-dog is fitting in well and forging bonds. It sounds like Marley is definitely in the best place for all of you and of course himself x

  3. Hey,

    He looks beautiful and he seems to fit beautifully into your family :).
    They’re such a loving gentle breed and I hope he continues to keep you guys happy x

  4. lovely glad he’s settled marley is gorgeous xx

  5. I am finding life hard without out Cat Mr Smudge, but am not sure I can cope with another animal at the momnet, maybe a dog, one day!

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