Snow Days and Autism Doesn’t Mix

On Wednesday the south-east coast had its first snow fall, which wasn’t too bad but enough to close my son’s special school due to its location and the fact it was unsafe to walk for the kids with limited mobility. So that was his first snow day and he coped quite well, played in the snow, played on his x-box, watched dvd’s.

That night the snow came with a vengeance we woke up to the ground completely white, this time all the schools were shut. The first half of the day, they were quite happy to have the day off school. Pinkie and Diva went playing outside with Marley in snow which was about a foot deep. Pinkie looked as if she was going on an expedition in the antarctic the way she trekking through the snow.

Then out of the blue the mood of the children changed they started acting like a caged animal pacing up and down asking when the school would be open. At this point if Mr Savvy is at home we usually take them out in the car and it seems to calm them down. This time we couldn’t do that due to Mr Savvy hurting his back and being unable to drive and the road conditions being too dangerous. Well this then started a melt down situation as Pinkie and Perkie started to scream but this is not a usual scream no this is a very high-pitched banshee scream that goes straight through you. So we try to calm the situation down but they get more wound up, what can we do, they can’t go into the garden to calm down as it is bitterly cold, so they go upstairs. Next minute, we hear a massive bang where Pinkie has pulled the drawers out of the wardrobe and threw them across the room.

So you sort of get the picture, that when the routine is broken for what ever reason the kids cannot cope. Meltdowns occur more frequently and they leave the kids and parents in a state of shock trying to cope with the whirlwind and explosion. This of course has a knock on effect on the rest of the household, like Diva always gives out more attitude and starts creating. This leaves Mr Savvy and I completely and utterly exhausted. So you see not everyone likes snow and days off please let me get back to some normality


4 responses to “Snow Days and Autism Doesn’t Mix

  1. I wondered how your tribe would be doing in this…. I have severe cabin fever and I think I am classified as a rational reasonable adult who could utilize the time wisely and spring-clean the home.

    Is it thawing there now? Schools back open for Monday? Hope so x

  2. Normal is returning here…slowly!

  3. My son has autism – 4 years old, non verbal and the past week has been so difficult. He’s scared because the world has changed overnight for him. Today has been truly a day of meltdowns. Can really sympathise with you and your family. Found your blog by googling to see if anyone else out there has similar problems.

    • Hello thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you have had such an awful time. It is difficult for them isn’t it.

      I hope my blog has helped and I look forward to chatting to you again. Its nice sharing help with like minded people


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