Magical Moments

Last night Pinkie, Perkie and myself all got invited to a Christmas party. Well what’s so special about this , I hear you ask. This party was for special needs / autistic children that’s what makes it special.

When we arrived Santa and a Snowman were there to meet us , this sort of set the scene for the magic to come. We were led down the stairs to massive room where Pinkie and Perkie met their helpers. Each child was assigned a helper from the local college and their job was to get the kids to join in the fun and look after them. A DJ turned up and wanted to get all the kids on the dance floor, well that was the last time my kids sat down, they had a great time.

We were all on the dance floor doing the Macarena, Hocky cokey, a cheesy Step song with all the actions, Follow the Leader. You know there was something magical and surreal watching all the kids dancing for just that time they were like any “normal ” child. It was great to see all the smiling faces and hear the laughter. Perkie picked up some courage with the help of mummy to go to the DJ and ask for him to play Lady Gaga- Poker Face, Perkie’s favourite song. I left Pinkie and Perkie dancing with their helpers while I quietly crept away and sat down to watch this magical moment. It was great that for a few hours, the kids were never judged or mocked.

Next thing I knew Perkie came up to me and said “Mummy I love you ” , I was so over come with emotions , this meant the world to me as normally he doesn’t portray such emotions.

After a few hours of dancing and having a great time , we were asked to go and sit at our tables as we were going to visit someone very special. We were taken into a room where Father Christmas, Snowman, and special appearance of the Princess from the local panto were all sat waiting for the visitors. The kids were in awe. Their faces were such a picture and when Father Christmas called their names they were so happy. They each received a named present from Father Christmas, it made their night. I’m sure this is going to be something that they will talk about for a long time.

It was great for those few hours to be treated as a normal parent instead of the local leper


5 responses to “Magical Moments

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  2. That’s brilliant Savvy Mum – I’m sure Pinkie and Perkie will remember being made to feel so special!

    glad you had a good time – things have been tough for you lately and things like this make it seem much better

  3. Aww thats go good!
    And i’m so glad they both enjoyed themselves.


  4. That is fantastic! I’m delighted to hear it was so successful. x

  5. Fabulous. I feel all emotional.

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