Playground Politics

This is a subject very close to my heart and I think it needs to be said and addressed as it goes on all the time. In playgrounds throughout the UK.

I have come across this all the time the kids have been at school and I have to say it never gets any easier. It’s all to do with fitting in if you’re not in the clique you are classed as an outsider and are snubbed by other parents.Once you get snubbed by a few parents they are like sheep and all follow suit. For me it all started when Diva went to school it was because we had just moved from Manchester to the south coast and people assumed we were like the families on Shameless. Also I didn’t have a Southern accent so was automatically classed as an outsider. For years I was ignored by other parents in the playground.

Now when Pinkie started school, I honestly and stupidly thought that this school would be different, but no I was wrong. To begin with they ignored me but I managed to get them talking to me and thought I was making progress. Then when I took Perkie with me on the school run (his autism is quite noticeable as he stands and holds his arms in a certain way). I started to get the funny looks but never really thought anything about it. I should have realised what was to come.

It wasn’t till yesterday that I noticed the full extent of their small mindedness and ignorance. They were quite happy swapping Christmas cards with one another and MORE party invites doing the round. Yes, you guessed it Pinkie was left out in all of this. I was thinking in my mind ” Can’t you see , your upsetting a 4-year-old ,little girl ” , “You just don’t care “. Anyway I was going to say something but thought it was best not to, to bind my time to have a go at them.

Do you realise how hurt and upset your actions make parents like me feel. I myself, feel like I am a second class citizen that is not worth people talking to. i stand in the playground wishing for the door to open so I can get away from all of you and back to security of my own home. I am not ashamed of my kids or their conditions because thats what makes them so unique. If you can’t handle that fact then that is your problem, not mine.

So for all you bigots out there , yes people are different for what ever reason but doesn’t mean you have the right to put them down or look down your noses at them. I will tell you something , these people are a worth at least 10 of you. I would happy to be their friend instead of a bigot like you. Give different a


4 responses to “Playground Politics

  1. Very interesting reading, very moving but overall, very very sad.
    I really can’t think of much else to say other than keep your chin up, as you say – you aren’t ashamed of your kids but celebrate their differences as pare of their unique personalities, anything anyone else thinks is purely academic x

  2. I cannot believe how snotty people can be. I know what you mean about people looking at you funny but I thought the world had moved on a bit in the twenty years since my son was two and having his autistic moments that seemed to shock others around. I think I must have hardened to it over the years but it doesn’t make it right! I also bet that you have way more interesting things to talk about and definitely more to chuckle about than they ever will!

  3. All 3 of my children are ‘Aspies’. My youngest is dx’d ADHD and Aspergers …I will always remembers one Mum’s comment just after he was dx’d ; does that mean he’ll move to a Special School. At the time he was aged about a Mainstream school in year P2 . She was the mother of one of his best friends. He had been to their house a couple of times but she never invited him back after his diagnosis.

    • Sorry didn’t know about your children.

      Ity makes my blood boil when people come out with comments like that. I am waiting for a petition to be started at school at my daughter with special needs being in a main stream school because the parents are not happy. They don’t hide the fact either makes me so angry.

      I hope your son meets people that are more understanding xx

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