A Special Nativity Play

This morning I went to Perkie’s first ever Nativity play he was Joseph and it was so wonderful to see these special angels absolutely beaming with pride and so happy to be performing the play in front of their mums and dads. It was a great atmosphere with no one vie-ing for supremacy.

Each of the classes took turns in doing their bit. The kids faces were absolutely beaming as they sang and signed the songs. They all gave it their all and sang with such gusto. After each song as all the parents applauded you could see the pride well up in the children’s faces as they realised what they had done was so good.

Thats the thing with autistic children they love praise just as much as the next child, but sometimes they might not realise why they are being applauded or praised. Just that it is something good that makes people happy. As I have found autistic children they don’t like people to be sad, in their world everyone is happy.

The Nativity was certainly an eye opener and it was a definite lump in the throat moment that even the most challenging children joined in if they couldn’t sing , they signed instead. It was such pleasure to watch.
As each class took their turn on centre stage the other classes joined in the singing and signing just as if it was their turn. So a massive thank you to all the teachers and helpers you are certainly dedicated to your job and you obviously enjoyed teaching the children . As it shone through as the kids performed

Perkie was on such a high that we had been to school to see him and that he sang all the songs. As a reward he was allowed to come home with us. So we took him to Tesco and got him a few treats for being such a superstar


One response to “A Special Nativity Play

  1. That is lovely! Sounds like a very special day for you all.x

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