Let’s Move Christmas to August

This year the run up to Christmas for the Savvy family has not been a very good one, so much has gone on, gone wrong all at once. This however is not a one-off, Christmas time in our household seems to be when everything goes to pot.

Last year I was in hospital with pre-eclampsia, just before having Little Gnome at the beginning of January so last year’s Christmas was a disaster. Previous years we have been too ill to enjoy Christmas properly. It just seems for us Christmas time is cursed. Although we do try to make it special for the kids, which is hard in itself at times.

This year things started going wrong around mid November. The start was Mr Savvy hurting his back and now he is off work on the sick as he can hardly walk as he is in so much pain. Well this has had a knock on effect with the kids , who have not coped with change in routine by having their dad at home. This has caused the kids to have some major meltdowns and a spree off absolute destruction, where they haven’t been able to hold their emotions together and have just exploded.

Then there is Little Gnome we have always been worried about him as he wasn’t doing what a baby should be doing. Then to be told he had neurological problems well that was just devastating. I think at the moment I am in the total shock can’t believe it stage as it hasn’t really sunk in.

Then to top that there was all that with Pinkie where she wasn’t invited to parties and left out from all of that. As her mum I feel really sorry for her because if she has to deal with this bigoted behaviour now what chance does she have when she is older. Why oh why can’t people and society accept different. Then of course there is the playground politics which is getting worse. Where the parents in the school playground are shunning me. Of course, it’s because I have triple head and 8 arms. Silly me why didn’t I see that

All this is going on then today to top it all, my toaster, deep fat fryer and kettle all decided to stop working, maybe they were tired from being used all the time but why now !!!!!!!. I can’t get out to get jobs done as Mr Savvy is not meant to drive because of his back, I can’t drive , apart from driving hubby up the wall .

So you see for me this time of the year isn’t full of good cheer, for me this is immensely challenging as the kids can’t cope with this time of year . They don’t understand what it is all about, they hate the changes of decorations going up and then coming down. Young children get very excited for Christmas but my lot get uncontrollably excited and its hard to settle them down. Then to top it all off the schools shut for the Christmas holidays, which they don’t understand.

So next year can Christmas be in August please……………………………


2 responses to “Let’s Move Christmas to August

  1. I really can empathise with you. To top it all it must be difficult trying to keep tabs of the three hats and umpteen pairs of gloves you need to wear when you pick the kids up from school! LOL I do hope your hats and mitts are colour co-ordinated because the other mums could not possibly accept clashing colours!!! God help them if they ever have “different” children! Think how much more of a whole person you are than them! If it makes you feel any better – Dan, who never wanted anything to do with trees and decorating actually had finished decorating his tree when we went over for his party yesterday! My hubby had helped set it up and put the lights on and we left him the decorations to put on and he did them!! Apparently he did say to the care workers that he had better get them done before I came to visit again! I do hope things get a bit calmer for you soon! Sounds like you need a holiday “up north”!
    Is Pinkie the only “different” child in her school?? Bless her, I hope things change there before she thinks everyone is like those families!
    Cheers for now!


  2. i will have a word with the big red and white man for you lovely xx

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