Mummy Why Do People Ignore Me ?

I was asked this question last night by my 4-year-old daughter!!!! Now I think in today’s society this is a sad state of affairs that a 4-year-old has picked up the fact that people are ignoring her. More worrying she seems to understand that they are ignoring her.

I know I have talked about this before but this is really something that needs to be addressed and dealt with.You see it’s not just my daughter that people ignore, in fact this is happening all over the country. All kids that are different get ignored and over looked but why??????, why ?????does this continue to happen …..

Whats the matter don’t people realise these children have feelings course they do they are even more sensitive than a “normal” child at times ,because in their world everyone is happy and they get upset if everyone is not happy. Do you know it really upsets me when these people ignore these special angels, more so when it my own children they are ignoring. There is nothing I can do everyone has a right to their opinion but then every child has the right to be treated equally. So why don’t people get to know these special angels and see how special they really are. I know a little boy who can’t talk but when he smiles and laughs his whole face lights up, its wonderful to see.

Here is an example of what I mean. All the kids were coming out of the class because it was home time, one of the parents actually walked away so she did not have to go past my daughter. I thought oh maybe she had to move for what ever reason. Well today my daughter was one of the first out, this same parent moved out-of-the-way as my daughter approached her. It wasn’t a subtle move it was a very clear I’m avoiding you. Talk about small mindedness.

So back to my question Why do people ignore children that are different.The answer is I don’t honestly know. All I can do is keep trying to raise awareness for these special angels. So if you are reading this blog feel free to tell people about it, RT on twitter or share on Facebook, the more people who know and understand these special angels . The more chance these angels have of making it in this world


8 responses to “Mummy Why Do People Ignore Me ?

  1. We all get ignored from time to time! I hate it when I hold a door open for someone and they just walk on through and past me without saying thank you or even smiling. Or I go to pay for something with a ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ and the cashier completes the transaction without any eye contact or uttering one word.

    I don’t mean to undermine the challenges your daughter faces and the impact of her experiences in the world, and how heartbreaking it is for the parents. I think the thing for all of us to keep in mind no matter who we are, is that there are jerks out there (some of whom aren’t in fact jerks but are very distracted by whatever is going on in their own lives) but usually there are far more really great people and it’s them we should focus on.

    Most importantly, it’s imperative that carers of children with challenges don’t indulge the negative which will encourage their children to see themselves as victims or less important than others. It’s all about perspective, how we choose to see ourselves. No one should let a stranger determine their self worth and we need to remember it’s not always about us. I’ll never forget a miserable waitress that was extremely rude to myself and my friends who had popped in for a pot of coffee. No eye contact, she barked at us and slammed the pot down. That shut down our conversation and we felt extremely uncomfortable, she was certainly ruining our time together. Then one of my friends asked her ‘Are you having a bad day?’ And she burst into tears. I’m an extremely sensitive person and I always refer to that moment to remind myself that we’re all human and equal at the end of the day.

    Lots of love to your little girl.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, yes I agree with what you say that sometimes its circumstances that make people act a certain way .

      I totally agree on the manners thing, it doesn’t cost you anything to say please and thank-you. Sometimes a hello from a stranger can make your day

  2. the straight answer is that some people are uncomfortable with anything that does not fit into their neat little world of perfectness.

    yes as the poster above said not all the time is it for negative reasons but the negative reasons are simply because they do not want to have to accept that some people do not fit into a perfect little cube and interaction with those who dont is to hard for them to deal with

    • Thanks for your comment , yes its the unknown they are scared of. They don’t like things to rock their boat.

      I will keep chipping away at them you never know it might get to one them eventually

  3. Why indeed? The best hug i have ever had was from a 20 year old downs male. No embarassment from him just pure joy. The best smiles was from a school bus that stopped right alongside me, some downs, others who knows but they were smiling and waving at me as though i was father christmas! A magical moment and one that i will treasure.

    • Oh yes I can totally agree with you. Long before I had my own special angels. I used to be a home carer. I looked after this one girl about the same age as me, which was heartbreaking, she was confined to a wheel chair, no verbal contact. Her eyes used to light up when she was happy and just that look spoke a thousand words it was lovely. She never spoke but we had so many conversations if you see what I mean

  4. I’m so sorry your daughter continues to be treated so poorly. I really can’t believe people behave like this , young children I can forgive because they are learning and don’t fully understand , but for adults it is both rude and unforgiveable.
    All may not agree but I do think it’s down to narrow mindedness and an inability to embrace anyone who is different to the perceived norm. You see it across all walks of life and it is so sad that people miss out on the company and pleasure of others just because they do not act or look the way they do.
    As you know, my nephew , now 18 , is autistic and I cannot count the amount of times people said to my sister “Oh , Luke is lovely , wish we’d got to know him sooner” or “he’s not anything like I thought “.At the end of the day they missed out.
    Hopefully , as your daughter gets older she’ll be like Luke and make good friends who’ll stand by her and give her the love , friendship and sense of community she deserves.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Yes if only people could get them they would see the great person they are, makes me so angry how people just go on appearance.

      Your Luke sounds lovely I hope my Luke grows up as nice xx

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