Life Through Autistic Eyes

We were sat in the car waiting to pick Pinkie up from school, and it was sunny all of a sudden it started snowing and within minutes the whole appearance of the road and the scenery around changed. This made me think of how autism affects the way an autistic person sees life and the world around us.

How one minute things appear so normal then the next minute it could be as bad as if a firework is going off and everything exploding . A major meltdown can be caused over the smallest thing . When talking to the kids I sometimes notice that they are distracted, when I ask what is wrong? they say there is too much noise and it is too nosey. The best way to describe this is to imagine a room full of people are talking to you all at once. You just could not take it all in, it’s too much for your senses to cope with. Then its like when they I take the kids to a new place they look round taking in every single detail, almost making a real life photo of it in their mind. Who needs James Bond with his all his kit and gadgets when you have an autistic child and a photographic memory.

Is like everything has to be set so regimented, tell you Perkie would be perfect for the armed forces as he loves things to be nice, neat and tidy. He plays with his cars on the carpet and spends hours just lining them up so they are all in a perfect straight line, it is quite amazing to watch. Plus I think he could tell you if one of his cars was missing.

Now Christmas is causing a big problem as the kids cannot comprehend what is going on, they are getting over excited which in turn in bringing on more melt downs. For example, Perkie had a Christmas party at school he was very excited, but then as soon as he got home he burst into tears a major wailing. When I asked him what was wrong it was because the staff at school did not put his pringles on a plate and forgot to put them on the table

As a quick note can I just say thank you to everyone that has read my blog, RT on twitter, shared on Facebook you have all got me into the Top Blogs on Wikio. I am currently 188 .
To me this means that people are being aware of autism and special needs and that means a lot to me.

So thank you all I hope that you will continue to read and enjoy the blog


4 responses to “Life Through Autistic Eyes

  1. Another great blog post. I can really identify with this post especially the bit about the lining up of cars and knowing if one was missing. My son did that for a couple of years. Lining up things was a big thing in our house. So many stories i could tell, everything had to be just right. Food had to be in different piles on the plate and even if a pea touched a potato it could result in a meltdowm. Keep up the good work with your very informative blog and hope it can help people understand Autism a little bit more.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      The lining the cars were a tell tale sign of his autism well according to the professionals. We have that at meals where food can’t be mixed we have plates with sections so that no food touches another one it shouldn’t. It does make it hard when you go out doesn’t it

      Thanks for the compliment I will try my best to raise awareness as much as I can.

  2. Excellent post. Allot of it rings true with the way my nephew behaves. It’s the little things that most people don’t even think about that can trigger a meltdown, such as taking the lid off his yoghurt, slicing his pizza, letting something White on his plate touch another food. Many people find it very hard to understand…let’s hope your posts can help people to understand.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Yes it is the little things that to us don’t bother us but to them its a change in their world. I love the quirks but at times you do forget the odd one and then thats it major meltdown time.

      I hope one day people do understand and appreciate these special angels for who they are

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