All I want for Christmas

I noticed a lot of people are saying what they want for Christmas well for me it’s not a fancy ring, or expensive perfume. For me it’s for my kids to accepted for who they are. I am fed up with arguing with people for the way the kids act, behave.

I am having a lot of problems with the parents at school not talking to me, but to be honest this is the norm. As a mum of an autistic son, special needs daughter life is pretty lonely as people avoid you like the plague. I use twitter a lot to connect with the outside world as in real life the outside world is pretty gloomy well for me anyway. At school I was so popular had loads of friends and was never on my own. Now ever since Pinkie and perkie was diagnosed around 3 years ago life as been fairly lonely. I don’t know what it is that people don’t like maybe it is the unknown but I wish they could see beyond the autism and special needs.

let me tell you a bit about the characters of the kids,

Diva – she likes to act grown up but can’t see that she is still my little girl. She loves cuddling up watching dvd’s with us but she won’t admit it. She likes it when we have a mad hour just prancing or dancing to music. She is very popular at school and her favourite subjects are English and Art.

Perkie – he is so polite and very well-mannered , he is very placid unless he gets upset. He likes playing x-box games especially racing games, he likes Lady Gaga and is an expert on a computer.

Pinkie- is so loving and caring very much a mother hen type. She loves Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse. Loves singing and dancing. She forever making up her own songs and revamping old ones. Her favourite films are musicals.

Little Gnome – He can’t talk but he says volumes through the way he smiles and through his eyes. He loves watching football with his dad.

So you see people don’t get to see this side of them and I think it’s about time they do , so for me my Christmas wish is for my kids to be accepted . Oh maybe Johnny Depp ( but that is wishful thinking ) as I am a very big jack Sparrow fan hence the screen name Savvy ….


8 responses to “All I want for Christmas

  1. Being “accepted” is one of the basic foundations on Maslow’s heirarchy of needs.

    So don’t apologize for wanting that for your kids. Be proud that you are working so hard to make it happen. You are a great mom.

    I’m sorry this is so tough. I know the isolation and exclusion eats at your self-confidence and the choices available for your children. The only advice I have is to tell you to keep trying. See if you can find even one parent for a friend.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sending hugs.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and compliment.

      Yes you are right my self confidence and self esteem has almost been taken away , I will continue though to try and make more people aware of these special angels.

      Thank you for the hugs

  2. Your kids have got a fantastic advocate. I have worked with children with autism whose parents did not have the first clue, so were lumbered with two major barriers, a condition that makes life very difficult, and no navigator to help them through.

    Your kids a very blessed, and this coming year I will do everything I can to help you raise awareness of acceptance of all children.

    Not sure I can help with Johnny Depp though, if I see him, I’ll send him your way x x

  3. Great blog again! I have to appreciate how lucky I have been with Dan being accepted. I did put up with the funny looks etc but those were from people who didn’t know us anyway! I really hope that this next year brings people into your life who care about who and your children are as individuals and don’t just act on assumptions! x

  4. enjoyed reading your blog. I’m sorry that people are so rude and ignorant about things they don’t understand. It would be lovely if people read up on ‘things they don’t know about it’ I felt very isolated when my son was diagnosed with leukaemia. When he was able to return to school he was left out of the part invitations as people ignorantly they could catch it.
    You have nothing to reproach yourself for, your kids sound lovely – hold your head up and be proud.
    Shame you don’t live near be as you sound a lovely person who just needs a little cheering up from a friend and I would be happy to be that for you. Merry christmas to you and your family x

    • Thank you for your lovely comment and i would love to be your friend. 🙂

      I’m sorry to hear you also had a tough time when you needed support

      Hope that you have a great Christmas xxx

  5. I went through this too and thought with more awarness that this would change, so sorry to hear it hasnt.
    In my day (makes me sound old!) we didnt have computers so really was isolating.
    I think your right it is the unknown.

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