The last Straw – My Major Meltdown

Today it has just been one of those days, the kids are just bouncing off the walls, not sure if its excitement for Christmas but it was definitely out of the ordinary. I’m not sure what is going on one winding the other up and just snowballing out of control.

Well today for me was the absolute last straw, I have warned them constantly about tormenting Marley the puppy and waking their baby brother up, but still they keep doing it. This continued all day and they were banished upstairs where I thought they would settle down nope . Round 2,3, 4. Then I can’t remember what they did but that was it I blew my top, I just shouted at them all . Did it do any good nope, not really but it made me feel a lot better.

It gets very stressful having 4 kids but then add to the mix 3 of them who have 3 different lots of challenges then at times it does get really bad and my stress levels just creep up. There is no cure for their conditions, it’s not something you can shut the door on either. It is there 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Life does get bad in the Savvy household but some how we over come the obstacles and get on with it.

I was sent this text last night and you know it’s just how I feel at times. Apologises to who ever wrote it as I can’t link it to you.

Strong persons know how to keep their life in order.
Even with tears in their eyes , they still manage say “I’m ok” with a smile.

You know on here we all ask each other how we are, what sort of day we are having, but does anyone really say how they feel or we like that strong person keep it all bottled up. The British stiff upper lip and all that.
I was sat this afternoon in the middle of the room just sobbing my heart out, for that few minutes I felt like a very scared child that just wanted a cuddle and someone to say they would make it better.

So next time someone says they are fine or ok , they are most probably trying to be a strong person. So just give them a few kind words, it only takes a few minutes and it could stop them from having their own meltdown.

I think I know what might have triggered all this it is a full moon tonight and they always seem to play up more when it is a full moon. Perhaps there behaviour is linked to that.


9 responses to “The last Straw – My Major Meltdown

  1. I’m sorry you have had a bad day and I bet you’re right, even at our lowest we always just say we’re fine, strange really. I guess we just don’t want to unleash our problems on others for fear they won’t understand or aren’t really concerned?
    Anyway, hope you have better days from here on.
    Sarah x

  2. I have meltdowns too. Usually when I’m at the very end of everything. Actually I want to be able to have a melt down when I need it, I just don’t want the kids to see/hear me doing it. J doesn’t care a great deal. Although doesn’t like shouting. When I do flip I always make sure that the 10 year old understands why and I always say sorry for it. You know you aren’t alone feeling like this but from me to you here’s an understanding (((((HUG)))))
    Fiona xxx

    • Thank you for your comment and the hugs , its nice to know people understand how it feels

      We are all friends again , we always make up xxx

      Hope you have a great Christmas xxx

  3. sometimes meltdowns just have to happen to us mums.We cope with so much,and are on duty 24/7.Inevitibly meltdowns result.We may be strong,but we are human too.Sending hugs xx

  4. I’ve had that moment in the last week and I only have two kids where their only condition is that they are ornery. You are much stronger than I am. Take care!

  5. Having children stuck inside in Winter combined with not only a full moon but a lunar eclipse on the winter solstice (which hasn’t happened for 456 years) is going to be trying for anyone. Everyone melts down at some point. We are all the same at heart and can only handle so much. Releasing it is best for everyone as long as there is still love. We are all spiritual beings living a human life, which is like trying to squeeze the universe into an orange. You are more than you believe yourself to be. Hugs 🙂

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