On The Outside Looking In

Christmas day was quite an experience this year , as it didn’t turn out how I expected. I was all geared up for the kids to act a certain way but they acted totally different. completely threw me off my guard.

Christmas eve was so fraught they were so wound up that one little thing could trigger them off, it was quite upsetting as I saw them go through one meltdown to another. I thought if Christmas day was going to be like this we would have severe problems. That night our own little miracle happened a lady who I say hello to and talk to occasionally came and gave me a massive turkey that would feed us for a good few days, now to be honest we hadn’t got a turkey and was only going to have a piece of meat . It’s amazing how things happen isn’t it.

Christmas day arrived and it started off so well, the kids were very happy with what Santa had brought them and for a time they actually acted like “normal” children on Christmas day. I was sat on the stairs watching them all play they were all engrossed with what they were doing . I think they were all playing a game together which is a definite first as they have always had a problem with turn taking. They were just sat playing quite happy chatting away to each other, nothing is particular just chatting and enjoying each other’s company. I thought why can’t it always be like this, why does it have to change but it does change. Just like Christmas day becomes Boxing day etc.

One thing I did see this Christmas was my children not only as the special angels they are , for that brief time they were 4 children just playing, no need for constantly watching them making sure they were safe, cocooning them from the outside world. For that time they were just children. I was definitely on the outside looking in


6 responses to “On The Outside Looking In

  1. That last paragraph made me well up.What you wrote was beautiful x

  2. I agree with Sam, I welled up as well xoxo

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  4. Glad you were able to have a good Christmas Day!! The one thing about Autistic children is you cannot ever anticipate what they will do next! I know that whenever I have expected Dan to act up, he hasn’t – when I don’t expect him to he does! They will keep changing as well!! As mums I don’t think we ever catch up!! Happy New Year to you!! Take care!

  5. What a lovely Christmas present for you!

    Perhaps as they get older there will be more of these times, one can only hope!

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