Little Gnome’s Trip To The Hospital

Yesterday was a very fraught we had to ring the emergency doctor to see Little Gnome I have to say I am so impressed with the service. I rang up told them all about Little Gnome who was struggling to breath at times. Got a call back from the doctor within five minutes, who wanted to call an ambulance, but I declined as I didn’t want the other children getting more upset than they already were.

We took Little Gnome to the hospital and we were seen as soon as we got there, the children and Mr Savvy sat in the waiting room as I took Little Gnome into see the doctor. All the time I was constantly being reassured by the doctor as he could see how upset and worried I was. After an initial examination he wanted Little Gnome to go on a nebulizer to help him with his breathing. The doctor explained all the procedure and what a nebulizer was and what it would do and the fact Little Gnome might scream. We had to go to other room.
Well when the other children saw us moving rooms it upset them a lot. I heard them say
“Where’s mummy going, why has mummy come out that room “, bless them they were just as upset as we Mr Savvy and me.

Little Gnome was put on the nebulizer and the doctor was true to his word he explained what was going on, told me not to worry about Little Gnome constantly screaming. Gnome gave it all he got ,to try to get the mask off his face, he was trying to pull the doctor’s hand off, trying to push the mask down. It would have been comical if it hadn’t been so important. After screaming and getting everyone’s attention in the corridor the doctor checked his lungs and they had cleared slightly. He was now breathing a bit easier and not fighting for his breath as much.

We were sent home with a prescription of various medication to help him. I was also told that due to Little Gnome’s low muscle tone, which was evident to the doctor that he would be prone to this sorts of problems.

I want to just say a massive thanks to all the staff I dealt with yesterday, they were very friendly, helpful and reassured me. My experience of the NHS is a very positive one. They are certainly dedicated in what they do, professional as well as understanding. I was absolutely amazed with how quick we were seen. Little Gnome is still quite ill but hopefully with his medication he will soon improve


2 responses to “Little Gnome’s Trip To The Hospital

  1. Only just read this.Hope Little Gnome is well on the road to recovery now x

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