The Problems of Home Delivery

Christmas Eve I decided to go online and look at the Next Sale to order the kids some new clothes as they have all had a growth spurt. I looked through all the lovely clothes that are not only trendy but practical as well. Then started ordering the clothes, very soon the list was mounting up nicely I got clothes and shoes for everyone much to the kids delight. I was so pleased when I found all the items were in stock which is an absolute bonus, as normally the items I want are out of stock but no not this time.

On Wednesday a parcel arrived and the kids were very excited about what they were going to receive. There were some boots for Pinkie, skirt for Diva, t-shirt for Little Gnome but nothing for Perkie. Well this caused a massive backlash he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t received his new clothes and sat very upset for hours over this.

Who would have thought a small thing like that could cause so much upset. I suppose it’s a quirk of autism as far as he is concerned the clothes had been ordered at the same time, so why aren’t they being delivered at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be good that as a customer if you could pick the option of waiting for all your items to be delivered at the same time, or have them delivered as they arrive. I wonder how many other parents face this problem when one sibling gets clothes etc before the other.


5 responses to “The Problems of Home Delivery

  1. Good point! Annoys me in restaurants when they bring the child’s meals out last too.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      thats a good point as well, we always go to restaurants when it is quiet otherwise the kids wouldn’t cope. yes agree with what your saying

  2. Amazon give the option of having things ‘grouped together’ rather than arrive separately so clearly other stores could do it – you should enquire! x

  3. i actually do believe i have seen this option on a few stores i have visited online.

    i dont remember where because i really never had to use it but i am sure i have seen it

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