Ring Out The Old Year Bring In The New

I can honestly say I will be so glad to see the end of this year. For me this year has been really awful, what can go wrong has gone wrong. A very quick recap on what has happened this year.

Well I started 2010 in hospital confined to bed due to having pre-eclampsia Little Gnome wasn’t due until February 2nd but due to him having stopped growing and me having mega high blood pressure , he was born by emergency c-section the beginning of January. I was severely ill after having him and he couldn’t control his body temperature, not a very good start. Fast forward 5 days we were both allowed home, to start our new life together.

In May Little Gnome who was just 4 months got admitted into hospital with bronchiolitis for a week, that was such a worrying time especially seeing him in his oxygen tank. It was a hard time for the rest of the children Pinkie and Perkie couldn’t cope with the massive change in routine.

Then there was school holidays when the children went on a rampage and destroyed a lot of things. At the same time I was told Pinkie and Perkie had a duplicated gene from myself that was causing their global underdevelopment. This made me feel wonderful being told this, I couldn’t believe what I had given to the kids. This was what spurned me on to start writing a blog so The Trial and Tribulations of the Sav-ettes was born

September it all started kicking off at Pinkie’s school where they were neglecting to invite her to parties and pretty soon we became isolated by playground politics. Which was start of the family becoming ill. Mr Savvy hurting his back and being off work for a month. The same time I went down ill but some how we got through it all. To top it all being told that Little Gnome had neurological problems and low muscle tone.

So all in all this year has been pretty dire.

So many I wish all my readers a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and here is to a much better 2011


4 responses to “Ring Out The Old Year Bring In The New

  1. You’re little gnome is beautiful.

  2. Everything looking up from now on. I know it’s been a shocking year in some ways for you chick, but it’s also a year spent with your gorgeous kids. Take , that, package the crap up, and move into 2011 with your chin up, a smile on your face and an emergency bar of Galaxy in the fridge!
    Love and hugs, and Happy New Year x

  3. You have been through a lot. I hope 2011 is kinder to you and yours. Fiona xx

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