Making Sense Of It All ………..

Today I was in the school playground waiting for my youngest daughter to finish school. I was stood right in the middle of all the parents that were waiting. There were umpteen conversations going on , some louder than others and for a time I felt quite over whelmed by all of it. I couldn’t move so just had to stand and endure the noise.

As I was stood this got me thinking of what it is like for Perkie with autism. Does he get overwhelmed by it all, yes of course he does. he is trying to make sense of our world even though he lives in his own little world. As for me that has to endure this for 5-10 minutes for people like perkie their endurance is a life time.
Sometimes he crys because as he says “it’s too noisy” when I ask him what noise, he can’t tell me it could be a simple thing of someone talking too loud, car door being slammed shut etc, you get the picture
. A few suggestions that I have to try and explain this is imagine yourself in a strange country in a busy market place with all these new noises and smells and before you can make sense of one thing another happens. Or another one, you have 30 radio stations on all tuned into different stations and you try to filter the unwanted ones

I know I have said this before but I would really love to live in Perkie’s world even it was for just 5-10 minutes just so I could try to make sense of what he has and maybe understand things more clearly

So all these tried and tested strategies to help them understand and cope,might not in fact work. Surely every person is unique so what works for one might not work for another. Let’s start by trying to understand their world at times, it might make more sense

Thanks for the suggestions to Jontybabe

14 responses to “Making Sense Of It All ………..

  1. I’ve tried to picture it like being in a busy market place in a foreign country, like when I was in Catania, and there were strange sights, smells, people talking, lots of things going on, and before I could make sense of one thing, another thing was happening.

    It must be so hard for your special angels x

  2. I was just thinking about this with Katie. She and her SLP are working on her behaviors when we go out, b/c she thinks everything is just too loud and overwhelming, and she had a massive meltdown grocery shopping last week. She (the slp) asked me if that particular store was loud and I told her I didn’t know! To me, no, but to Katie…yes?..and I can’t relate. I don’t know what it sounds like to her or how it makes her body feel or any of that. It was a hard question to answer b/c I can’t see it from her perspective at all. I wish for a moment I could.

    • It must so hard for them , yes wouldn’t it be good to be part of their world just for a bit to get an insight of what it was like.

      Do you know I see Pinkie and Perkie somedays and they look so lost and you tell that they are uncomfortable in this world, then they drift off into their world

  3. I’ve asked Nicky what his world is like, because it’s where he escapes our cruel world. His world is nice. He creates imaginary friends.

    I was going to ask, can I put your link on my page?

    • Nicky’s world sounds nice, its great that he share that with you.

      Of course you can put a link on your page that would be lovely thank you xx

      • Anytime. We mothers of autism need to stick together. It’s rough for the kids, but it’s also draining for us. Nicky is a teenager, he has some of the teen attitude, yet there are still parts of him that are so infinitely young. He’s very vulnerable. He can’t go into the community alone. It’s not safe for him.

      • I can appreciate that very difficult for you and Nicky xx

  4. one thing i have thought of doing is just standing still in one of these places that so upsets my son and just listen, close my eyes and just try to see how many different conversations i can track.

    my suspicion is that it would be to hard to handle. This leads me to the belief that perhaps what is the most major missing link in these situations is the autistics ability to “filter” unwanted details/conversations etc from his surroundings to allow them to focus on one individual situation.

  5. J has over the last few years begun to clamp his hands firmly over his ears in noisy situations or punch his head with a clenched fist when distressed. Both of these we take to mean that he has a sensory overload going on in his head. He has no other way to express his feelings and no knowledge that he can ask us for help. J’s SLT insisted when he was first diagnosed (7 years ago now)that we studied Hannen (the more than words course) and on one of our sessions she played music, flashed lights and subjected us to a spelling test. The results of the test were interesting to say the least and her point was well made. Fiona xx

  6. Have you ever heard of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) … as I describe it a bit like dyslexia for the ears. LoL.
    I have APD (dx’d back in early ’97) most of the times it is not too much of a problem except I seem to be slightly deaf but at other times I do not process the sound at all. It can be quite distressing … you know that someone is talking to you and you should be able to understand what they are saying but you can’t and the words still sound like words but in another language that you don’t begin to know.
    It can also be quite funny when you brain translate the sounds into totally different words like the day I thought my son had eaten a ‘chocalate potplant’ in a dream but in fact it was a ‘chocolate poptart’!

    • Hi thanks for the comment.

      No not heard of APD . I get that I miss hear words its awful isn’t it as conversations sometimes don’t make sense .

      That is interesting will look into that more thanks xx

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