A Year In The Life Of Little Gnome

Well today it is Little Gnome’s birthday he is the grand old age of 1. As some of you know he is not very well. On the 27th Dec we had to take him to the hospital as he was struggling to breath, he had a bad throat and chest infection he was put on a nebulizer and given some anti biotic. Yesterday I had to take him back to the doctor as he still wasn’t well he still has a throat infection which is hindering his eating etc. So more anti biotic .

You should have seen it a year ago today it was something like out of a comedy of errors. I was told I was going to have a c-section that day and that as soon as I could I would go to theatre. What we didn’t bank on was loads and loads of snow falling that morning. I rang Mr Savvy asking what time he would be at the hospital he was just on his way out when the phone went it was Perkie’s school they were shutting due to bad weather. His first reaction was “OH NO !!!!”, he than rang Pinkie’s nursery to see if they could have Perkie for a few hours. Luckily they said yes but couldn’t pick him up, so hubby had to drive into town to take Perkie to nursery. All the time Mr Savvy was ringing me to make sure I hadn’t gone to theatre. Luckily for us the hospital staff had trouble getting in so everything was delayed.
Soon after Mr Savvy arrived we went down to theatre . They put him in the tightest top possible all 15 people in the operating room were laughing.

Little Gnome was born half an hour later he tipped the scales at 5lb 7oz’s which for 4 weeks premature wasn’t too bad. He was passed to daddy all wrapped up in blankets so we called him the slug. We went back to recovery and he was put under a heat lamp so that he could try to retain his body heat, I was put on all sorts of monitors. Not a good start for either of us. My blood pressure went mental so we spent the next 24 hours in recovery. Poor Mr Savvy was at home with the other kids and hadn’t got a clue what was going on as no-one told him as far as he knew we should have been back on the ward that night.

At his 6 month check it was noted that he wouldn’t lie on his belly or lift his head up. As the months went on he missed more milestones like not crawling, talking, and even weaning. Then it was suggested he should be referred to see what was going on. He started off with having occupational therapy sessions to try to get him to lie on his belly. This then prompted the physiotherapist to join in to try to get him more mobile. It was then that we noticed he started extend his body and his body would go stiff at times. As time went on, this changed to where his body would also go very floppy. Now he has problems controlling the movements of his body sometimes he can’t help what his body does and suffers low muscle tone, which is why he is so ill today.

Despite all this he is still my gorgeous Little Gnome and I will do everything to help him. So happy birthday my special angel


10 responses to “A Year In The Life Of Little Gnome

  1. What a story I’m full of tears now. Just want to say Happy Birthday to your little Slug.xxxxxxx

  2. wow! wot a year! hope the next year brings a whole new set of nicer adventures!

  3. Happy birthday Little Gnome xx. My son has a lot of health issues and it just makes every milestone they reach that bit extra special even if it’s not reached at the ‘right time’ xx

  4. Happy birthday beautiful little boy!

    I don’t know if you can change from a slug to a butterfly, but I think you have!

    My son is 20 months and can’t walk yet, and I tell him all the time, he doesn’t need to walk, he can fly instead!

  5. A rollercoaster of a year in many ways but a fab one you wouldn’t have been without. Happy Birthday Z!
    Big hugs x

  6. Happy Birthday little one, hope you feel better soon and can start running rings around your Mummy xx

  7. Happy Birthday little gnome!! A whole year of challenges and you are winning! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  8. Happy Birthday (again) Baby ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you’re feeling better little fella xx

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