Pinkie’s First Tea Party

Yesterday Pinkie was invited to her first tea party. Now to say she was excited was an understatement just as I was equally nervous as previous encounters with the mums at school have never been very favourable.

School finished and I dutifully collected Pinkie from the classroom and met up with Pinkie’s friend and her mum. We walked to her friend’s house all merrily chatting away and do you know for once I began to relax, I wasn’t on my guard so much as I watched Pinkie happily walking next to her friend. We arrived at the house and I wasn’t sure how Pinkie was going to act, with all the different changes but she coped extremely well. We did have a bit of a blip a bit later on but overall she did very well.

I watched from afar as the girls played happily together, they were so at ease with one another. There were no barriers between them, they saw each other for they were just 2 little girls. I had the opportunity to sit and chat to the mum, we talked about all sorts. Just general chit-chat to begin with and then as we came more relaxed in each other’s company we talked about my kids. I told her all about Pinkie and Perkie problems and was expecting her to be fazed by it all.
No she actually said, “that there are kids you love them , what ever their problems ”
I was crying inside these are the words I have wanted to hear for years, but no-one in real life as ever said them. Oh wow, may be just maybe I could have found a new friend.

Whilst having a second cup of coffee with the mum, she asked if we could make this a regular occurrence as we all had such a nice time. So now once a week we are going to meet up and have a tea-party.


14 responses to “Pinkie’s First Tea Party

  1. I’m delighted for you both that the tea party was such a positive experience. I hope you go on to foster a new friendship! Fiona xx

  2. I have been catching up on your blog and was so heartbroken at times and then to suddenly reach this post has made me smile so happily. What a wonderful breakthrough. Individually people can be amazing but as a group they can seem so intimidating. I am so pleased for you. What a wonderful feeling. Well done you xxxxxx

    • Thank very much for being a reader of the blog and following our adventures. Yes it has been very tough at times just seems to be one thing after another. Then out of the blue something like this happens makes it all worth while xx

  3. Hey, so glad the tea party was such a huge success! I was actually thinking about it last nite in bed when I couldn’t sleep lol. This is the next big step for my daughter. She doesn’t go to main stream school so I am actively hunting down young people who will befriend her. Thankfully some friends daughters have come forward. Its a difficult journey but as your experience has proven, a positive one too! x

    • I think what you are doing for your daughter is lovely, she will benefit from all your help and you won’t have to go through any of the ignorance.

      I wish you all the success and hope that it is a very positive step xx

  4. Oh I’m so happy for you 🙂 – how lovely for Pinkie too!

  5. I’m grinning from ear to ear!

  6. Aww this made me shed a happy tear. I’m so happy for you both 🙂

  7. Love it! What a lovely story and isn’t it just great when our kids just “pull something” out of the bag? Another hurdle over, well done! We went out the other week to a Chinese Restaurant and the little fella was amazing, I was surprised and delighted so I know how you felt at that tea party. When you have a bad day like you did the other day, take a deep breath and just think of all the achievements-no matter how small xxxxxx

    • Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Well done to your little fella going to a Chinese restaurant what a great achievement xxx

      Yes sorry about the other day just got the better of me, thank you I will start thinking of the achievements instead of the negatives xxx

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