Our Little Adventure last Night

All the kids had gone to sleep and all was quiet in the Savvy household, Mr savvy and me were sat downstairs watching Coronation street after living in Manchester is an unwritten rule that we watch Corrie. When all of a sudden everything went dark, yes we were suffering from a power cut. OH NO!!!!!.
Not to worry we have some battery operated lights just find them and we will be sorted. Do you think we could find them, no not a chance. With no lights it was rummage through the cupboard, to see if I could find these lights but after the kids have been messing about in the cupboards you can’t find anything.

Then I heard a voice from upstairs,
“Mummy, my night-light has gone off, it’s all dark.”
“Mummy , my light has gone off ”
“Mummy, my light has gone off”
He kept repeating it.
Mr Savvy braved the dark and went up and fetched Perkie downstairs. I sat with Perkie next to me on the settee he was like a gibbering wreck, I did my best to reassure him.
He wanted the tv on but couldn’t understand or grasp why the tv couldn’t go on, bless him.

I looked outside to see if any of the other houses had been affected, there is something very spooky when all the outside is dark. Its like the outside world has died as all you can see is this blackness. All the life has gone.
Perkie held on to me and wouldn’t let me go, he very uneasy in the darkness he was definitely out of his comfort zone. I suddenly realised my mobile phone would act as a torch. Suddenly the gibbering wreck became a bit more confident and moved to the table to get a drink. It’s amazing how things seem different in the dark and how the darkness makes you see things differently.

After what seemed like hours but in reality was only about 40 minutes the power was restored, everything came back to life. My gibbering wreck was happy now the lights were back on and promptly went to bed. The tv came back on and everything went back to normality. The moral of this story is be prepared for unexpected eventualities I wasn’t but I will be now.


11 responses to “Our Little Adventure last Night

  1. Living in rural Northumberland we are used to power cuts. We have a stash of candles and matches for such moments! Fortunately our home is heated through solid fuel so we have warmth and hot water when the inevitable occurs. Unfortunately If it goes off whilst J’s awake all hell breaks out. The laptop battery only lasts so long and J really doesn’t understand why it won’t work.

    • Thats one thing I can’t have is candles the kids are too flighty and I’m so scared they will knock it over.

      It is hard for kids to understand about powercuts isn’t it. Poor J
      Pleased you have warmth and hot water, still must be difficult for you at times

      We have a gas cooker so we could still manage to cook and make Gnome’s bottles if needed

  2. After the last lot of snow we had, I was prepared for a power cut at some point, I have my torches at the ready, a tily lamp and a little gas stove to boil the kettle.
    The thing with the dark is something I have always struggled with, all through my childhood I slept with a bedside lamp on, even now I have the hall light on during the night.
    I hate winter not because of the cold or snow but because it gets dark so early, to me like you said it is like the world stops in the dark. Children feel this the most because they don`t understand and feel scared.
    I also think the silence of the night time is something as children we have to learn to get used to aswell as the darkness.
    I often wonder if my mum had made me turn the light off when I was little would I still be sleeping with my hall light on. I think yes I would.
    so I am at the ready for a power cut 🙂

    • I will be prepared from now on took me so much by surprise
      I’m not a lover of the dark my imagination always seems to go into overdrive
      Its horrible feeling scared isn’t it. I don’t blame you for sleeping with the hall light on
      The dark at times does seem a very scary place.

  3. I always have my cell phone with me, serves as a great light in just such an emergency.
    Where I live, the power is unreliable. A good storm and it’s gone for sure, so my boys have become quite accustomed to it.
    But ya, it’s quite cute how they can keep asking for this and that, all of which requires power.

    • You sound very prepared, yes mobile phones are really useful.

      I felt such an idiot I went to switch the light on , doh we have a powercut lol.
      Isn’t it amazing how much we take it all for granted

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  5. Isn’t it great thelittle surprises life throws at us. I am the one who is afraid of the dark in our house lol. FD handles it better than me. However we keep a little battery lamp hanging on the back of the bedroom door for such emergencies. I’ve learnt the hard way when FD has had seizures in the middle of the nite with no power! Try cleaning puke in the dark! Our children make us organised!

  6. Oh bless him, poor thing, it is a hard thing to explain isn’t it. That the power has gone off and I think we forget what is electrical out of the things we use and will go and try to put something on then realising we can’t xx

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