What Do You Do With A Girl Called Diva

For the last 6 months I have had severe problems with Diva she is 10 years old and becoming a pre-teenager. We have had doors slammed, things thrown and things broken.

I kept saying it’s what she has to put up with because lets face it, what Diva is having to put up with is an awful lot for anyone let alone a child. Her homework as suffered, she refused to do her last project, spent 6 weeks just doodling in her homework book, no matter how much I asked, told, demanded she did her homework, it was to no avail. At the end of my tether, fed up with the being talked to like a bit of muck at the bottom of my daughter’s shoe and believe me I didn’t take that lightly. I asked for help and suggestions at one of the parent meeting. A few suggestions were given to me just had to put them into place and tell Miss Diva she is doing the activities.

The first activity was Karate now this is something I didn’t think she would be interested in. After a few weeks she asked if she could have a Karate kit then a few weeks after that she went for her first grading and passed it. Wow, we have found something that she is interested in. Right next step after school clubs, well she tried art, cooking, gymnastics and dance but nothing seemed to pacify her for more than a few weeks her heart and soul weren’t in it.

Last month she had the opportunity to join Guides, I remember joining Guides at 10 and I absolutely loved it. It would be good if she liked Guides just as much. So tonight off she trots to her first ever meeting, she was sort of looking forward to it but was very non-committal about it. The time soon passed and wasn’t sure what to expect when we went to pick her up. Well she was roaring with laughter when we got there proper belly laughs. She came running out for a form for her to go to camp in the summer. I asked her if she wanted to go and she loved. loved, loved it.

Tonight was the first time in a very long time that I have seen Diva so happy, maybe we might have found her ideal activities.Hopefully now.my old Diva will return and this horrible monster disappear.


10 responses to “What Do You Do With A Girl Called Diva

  1. I also have a 10year old little girl and it’s difficult because at times I feel I expect so much from her due to our family dynamics! It sure is difficult at times.

    I am glad Diva is settling into Guides and I really hope she has found her authentic self as it is so important. Diva sure sounds like she is living up to her name at times!!! Let us all know how she gets on, it’s so lovely to read your blog.

    Hope all the kids are doing well and you are feeling bit better xxxx

    • Hi thanks for your lovely comment., sorry for the delayed reply it has been chaos here.

      yes I think sometimes I think Diva is older than she is, I forget that she is only 10. I’m hoping Guides will help her, it certainly made an impact on her.

      Gnome is getting a lot better, think we are getting there with him, thank you xxx

  2. Aww that’s good to hear. I’m really glad Diva has found something she loves. I have the door slamming, back chat and sulking as well, although not often, thankfully.

    Hope you are all well xx

    • Hi sorry for the late reply it has been bedlam here .

      Thank you for your comment and I think the back chat, door slamming is a pre – teenage trait, goodness what it will be like when they become teenagers lol.

      Gnome is getting a lot better thank you xxxx

  3. Woah and she’s not even a teenager yet. Seriously i’m pleased that Diva has found something that interests her. It is so nice to see children laugh and be happy. Long may it continue. So nice to read a blog that is open and honest about a real life situation. Keep up the good work and all the best to you and your family. xXx

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Yes I am dreading the teenage years if she is like this now, hopefully by then she will have calmed down a bit. I’m hoping Guides will do this.

      Thank you so much for your lovely compliment regarding the blog, so kind of you.

      Hope to talk to you again xx

  4. I’m hoping my girl is interested in martial arts. Her dad is very very taken by them and they do a lot for people’s confidence and self-worth
    Glad Diva is enjoying herself 😀 xx

  5. Hey Savvy Mum

    I’m pleased that your Diva has found some things she likes away from home.

    Martial Arts are brilliant – as my eldestlad (diabetic aged 15) is a blackbelt and my 7 year old is just starting out but it’s done wonders for her confidence and I’m sure that it will also give your Diva a controlled outlet for her frustrations and Guides is just fab for all girls (my nieces love it and are now guiders themselves) and a camping trip where she’s the same as everyone else will do her the world of good. (even if you miss her like crazy-moodiness too! lol)

    • Hi thanks Joanne for your lovely comment.

      I hope martial arts help Diva as much as it helped your son, like you say it will give her an outlet for her frustrations plus give her something to look forward to. So pleased you youngest has joined in as well.

      Guides hopefully will be the making of her as it will give her a bit of structure and routine thats just for her. Me miss her crazy moodiness no never lol. I missed while she was at guides lol

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