Bedtime Routines and The Quirks of Children

Every night up and down the country and all over the world people face the same problem again and again. The bedtime routine. If you are one these parents that can say
“Go to bed”
You child promptly goes up the stairs and gets into bed, then you are one of the lucky ones. If however, you are like me where it is a constant battle to get them into bed you will be able to relate with what I’m saying.`

Now throw into the mix a child who has autism and bedtime not only becomes a routine but also a ritual. Here is an example what I mean. Perkie’s routine i, he has to kiss each of us including the dog, then he stands at the door and says night. Five minutes later, he comes down for a glass of water which has to be in a green glass, I have to chase him back to bed like a race . His bed has to be a certain way and the main light has to be on, while he turns on his night-light. He then snuggles down the duvet just up to his chin. I switch the main light off and say good night.

Now Pinkie her routine is completely different, she goes to bed when Perkie does but she likes to read in bed. So I let her read for 15 minutes. Then I tell her to switch the light off. Then 5 minutes later
“I want a drink “, so we give her a drink.
Then, “I’m hungry “, so she has a quick snack.
Kisses everyone, then goes to bed. 10 minutes later,
“I’m scared ”
” No you’re not”, is my reply ” We have sprinkled the house with fairy dust.”
then eventually she goes back to bed and goes to sleep.

Some nights the routine does change its, when they seem to have problems switching off. I have found with my children that they don’t just seem to drift off to sleep, they can be awake one minute and then fast asleep the next almost as if a switch as been pressed.

Now it would be interesting if you shared your child’s bedtime routine, please feel free to comment below


9 responses to “Bedtime Routines and The Quirks of Children

  1. Hiya its quite a performance isnt it? If you get one bit wrong you have to start all over at least thats how it was with Dan šŸ™‚ I had to read often the same book for weeks on end and then i would sit and play a video game while if went to sleep about five mins later . He had have a snack and a glass of water next to the bed . I would have to start winding him down am hour before the bedtime routine started . It seems a long time ago now ! Great blog brought back a lot of memories ! Thanks x

    • Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Oh yes if you miss a step out you have start again, you have to laugh at times , haven’t you. I have all sorts to try and get them to go bed quicker, nothing works. I think they are programmed like that, lol.

  2. Yes our routine, although not as rigid as it used to be consists of –
    Snack and glass of milk followed by epilepsy meds. Teeth brushing and then spot cream on face. Slippers are lined up beside bed and photos and perfume bottles (most of which are empty) are also straightened. Next teddy bears at bottom of bed have to be sitting just right or covered by one of the spare blankets FD likes to keep at bottom of bed too. A quick check then to make sure that everything else in room is where its supposed to be, including pink sick bowl! (night time seizures usually followed by puke)! A quick check to make sure ipod touch is charging and on the home page. Once in bed pillows have to be propped up and the scatter cushions FD has on bed also have to be sitting just right. Believe it or not I have removed over the years a lot of the rubbish FD keeps on her bed so this is us down to the acceptable minimum! Then its tucking in and kisses! Once I leave room I can expect to hear FD get up throughout the night to fix something on bed or just to look out window. Sometimes she sings in middle of night too! She used to wake me at 3am sometimes if she forgot to tell me during the day something that happened at school! We are lucky cos FD generally doesn’t leave her room except to use toilet. If she has a problem she sits on toilet and stamps her feet on floor! She used to stand outside our bedroom door to listen for noises! lol. And……..think thats it! lol.

    • Thanks for your comment,

      Wow you do have to go through a lot at night. Oh dear singing in the middle of night, poor you. Sounds like you don’t get much rest at times, don’t know how you cope xx

  3. dude goes to bed at 7. not 20 to 7 like i did on thursday and was told ‘the big hand is on the 8 and the lil hand is on the six, i go to bed when the big hand is on the 1+2 and the lil hand is on the 7. its wrong i cant go to sleep now!’
    some nights (reflux permiting) i give him melatonin to help him sleep. most nights at the mo he goes up at 7. he listens to 1 audio book (short storys) then he put his mp3 and speaker pillow in the same spot every night by his bed. he then bounces and flaps on his bed for 3hours and then he mite fall asleep. not forgeting the bottle of water by his bed in same spot either (only time he drinks water)

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Wow that is a long routine. Its strange how at times they are so rigid of what is acceptable and dude knew that he wasn’t meant to go to bed that time even though there was only 20 minutes difference xx

  4. oh and the ben10 pillow has to be the right way up and in the rite spot on his bed, he has to have his ben10 cuddlies (two of them) freddie and frankie the tigers and marshmellow the huge dog

  5. Meds, drink, snack, bubble tube on, clean teeth, sick bowl (white) in place, music on softly (always same CD), go through tomorrow’s timetable, kissed 4 times (3 won’t do, 5 definitely too much), press his forehead (why? no idea) main light out. I don’t want to depress you, but it’s taken 18 years to get the routine down to this manageable level! šŸ™‚

    • Thank you for sharing your routine, one thing seems to be prominent in the bedtime routine of special angels, its never seems to be straight forward.

      You haven’t depressed me just means we have a lot more work to do to get it to a manageable level thanks you x

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