One Step Forward, ? Steps Back

I know life throws you things at you to catch you off guard, but come on life give me a break . I really thought i was making a break-through with things and that life was looking brighter, no you get knocked back yet again.

I was really proud when Gnome spoke for the first time, if you missed it read Gnome’s Great Achievement . All yesterday I was on a I’m proud mummy high. Then out of the blue I fall to the ground with a great big bump. It all started when I picked Pinkie up from school just as we got past the mum who avoids us like the plague , Pinkie shouts at the top of her voice
” Shut up you lazy git ”
Please ground open up and swallow me moment, the other mums don’t like us as it is but that just added to the fire. Oh well what done is done I’m not explaining why should I. We had the same sort of language all the way home, everyone staring . I’m such a bad mum letting my child swear and I shouldn’t talk like that in front of the kids. MM funny that because I don’t. I wasn’t going to stand there arguing let them think what they want.

Then Perkie arrives home and he seemed in a bit of a mood, read his home link book found he had been naughty at school and had lost his sensory time which by the way he loves. I was feeding Gnome and told Perkie to stop winding Marley up when bang , he slapped me . I just couldn’t believe it , my lovely little boy had slapped me and it hurt not just physically but emotionally as well. Where had this monster come from, he stood there shouting at me, telling me to shut up and he would do what he wanted. What, he had NEVER been like this , what is this all about. I sent him upstairs as I just couldn’t face him , he had hurt me more than he can possibly know , I know it wasn’t intentionally but he had hurt me.

I told him I was very very sad, so he knew he had upset me. I hope this is just a phase and that it soon passes as I would hate it if he turns into this monster.
So my world in the space of a few hours changed, one step forward and goodness knows how many steps back again !!!!


13 responses to “One Step Forward, ? Steps Back

  1. Oh my goodness, you poor thing. Not so much that he slapped you because I know that you will get over that as he is your son and that is not like him. I worry about what the heck happened at school today to get him behaving like that!? Something must have triggered it and I know how much work you still have to do to dig and find out what happened! You got all his frustration I think. Could be he wanted your attention as a result and you were feeding LG? Dunno, but something must have happened or been said to him thats got to him badly! I really hope you figure it out soon for both your sakes! Sympathy as always,
    Andrea x

  2. Aww big hugs darling. What a rotten day 😦 I too am wondering if something happened at school today. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you all XXXXXXXXX

  3. Like the other ladies I’m wondering if something is going on at school. Can you find sometime to sit down with him and tell him how he made you feel and ask him why he did it? If this is out of character for him then it’s something you need to talk about with him, possibly with his teachers too. I’m sure tomorrow will be better. xxx

    • I talked to school he is the same there has been for the last week, so now got to back track to see what has triggered it and work together to sort a solution out. Kids hey

      Thank you xx

  4. Hey hun, sometimes I find with FD that its either nothing specific that sets this off or its either been something that happened a few days / weeks ago and she has a delayed reaction! I am sure you will get to the bottom of it soon enough. Yr kids are lucky to have such a great mum. Chin up and keep smiling. Something nice will happen again soon! Promise ya!

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  6. i’m sure your blog is very comforting to others in a similar position, keep your chin up, and I hope to read lots of positive postings in the future once this one bad day has passed. take care

    • Hello and thank you for your comment

      I hope the blog helps other parents because sometimes as a parent of autistic children , life can be very lonely. I want to show them that they are not alone.
      This week is hopefully a blip and whatever triggered it.

      Hope the next post you read is a lovely positive one

      thank you


  7. Sorry it’s been such a crap day hun, I can’t add anything more helpful that the other fab commenters have but big hugs – I hope tomorrow is better x

  8. Cling tight that the Gnome made progress. And as for The name calling, laugh it off. That’s all you can do. Tomorrow is another day. ((HUGS))

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