I Didn’t Know A Wii Would Help So Much

Yesterday the kids came home from school in a foul mood, so much so that we sent them to bed early. Today (Saturday) their dad works I wasn’t going to have a repeat performance of last weekend, I was almost in tears with how they were behaving. So I was trying to think of ideas of what to do with them, one to tire them out and two to stop them getting aggressive.

I was really lucky last month I won a Wii, we hadn’t really played it so I thought I would give it a go. Well it was great fun, for the first time since Christmas I saw them laugh and joke with each other. It was such a pleasure to watch. We played Wii Sports Resort first , the kids let me play table tennis they thought I would be rubbish. What they didn’t know was I used to play tennis and table tennis quite a lot when i was younger, I even remembered how to do a smash shot, lol. We had a Wii sports resort tournament I did let them win honest, funny they all tied at first place , mummy came last oh well.

Then it was the turn of Just Dance how good is that, I watched as Perkie danced his way to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne I watched as this normally uncoordinated boy managed to copy most of the moves, I was amazed. He was laughing so much and just generally having fun. The they decided to get mummy to dance well I just had to dance to Wham I was a Whamette after all in the 80’s. They laughed because I knew most of the moves. Pinkie did the same song and nearly got top marks, smarty pants. Then one thing occurred to me whilst they were having fun it was helping with their normally very poor coordination, pity they didn’t have this a few years ago , it would have stopped hours of physiotherapy. Pinkie the girl who can fall over a feather, wasn’t falling over, she still can’t quite balance on one leg but who can, lol.

So today for a few hours they were having lots of fun while helping their coordination maybe Wii’s should be available on the NHS as a new treatment, now’s there’s a thought.


My new twitter screen name is @savvymum4autism not @savvymum4 anymore thanks


9 responses to “I Didn’t Know A Wii Would Help So Much

  1. Looks like you have found a miracle in the wii. We find if we can occupy our tenants they behave better but having severe learning difficulties limits what we can do. I do childrens jigsaws, They all love music and dancing, One likes baking and one likes going in the garden with me when the weather is better. We cant do things all the time when the activity stops thats when things happen they dont understand we cannot always be doing things, but its great when we can. It is a house where 5 young adults live a very nice house in a good area. I think its finding the right things for that person. The lady who is the most aggressive came from a large family and was the youngest her sisters no longer visit as she is so violent they admit when she was small she used to hit them and the mother never told her off because she was downs. Loved reding you blog. Janet x

    • Hello and thank you for your comment.

      I agree with what you say its so hard at times to find what to do with them. I find with my lot it has to be timed as they loose interest and all hell breaks loose again. Yes thats another problem isn’t it they don’t understand that the activity doesn’t go on for ever. We have a timer and count down 10 minutes to finish and then 5 then in minute segments they seem to cope with that a bit better.

      Such a shame about that lady, I do tell my kids off, I think you have to let them know there are rules etc.

      Thanks for the compliment xx

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  3. Hi Wendy! Couldn’t have lasted twenty two years with Dan without games consoles!! Taught him to play Mario World back in the day and it really helped his coordination! Am so glad you had FUN! 🙂 You will be able to use it to get them to get other things done before they are allowed to play and its something you can take away for poor behaviour. Great for getting you all laughing together. I used it for reading as well – told him to read his own instructions! I know people bash consoles but they do have their place and with all of todays action games they are getting exercise as well! xx

    • Hi I think consoles do have their good points. like you said it helped your son read the instructions.

      Now they have taken an interest it will definitely used for more my benefit than their’s, like for a punishment for bad behaviour. Plus they can get exercise when the weather is miserable.

  4. So glad you all had fun! Little loves his DS but we have lost it. It’s gone missing over Xmas, not sure if it was thrown out by mistake.

    Maybe I should enter a competition & win one like you did with wii?

    As always, lovely blog post x x

  5. The Wii Fit has helped BB’s co ordination, I’m sure. It’s quite hard and I have to stand behind him and hold on to him to stop him overbalancing (quite a sight as he’s much bigger than me!) but it’s good fun – keeps me fit too!

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