The Difficulties of Finding A Holiday With Autistic / Special Needs Children

Last week I decided that our family of 6 needed a holiday, we haven’t had a holiday in 2 years due to money and circumstances. Anyway in my wisdom I thought why not start looking how much holidays are, that’s easier said than done. First we have to decide where we want to go.

We did used to go camping in Cornwall which the kids loved, but last time we went we were met with quite a lot of hostility from the other campers, who couldn’t understand why the kids screamed even though I told them why. Or why i used the disabled toilet/shower block, that got a few tuts and moans. Anyway, back to finding a holiday. Camping is definitely out as it would get too cold for Little Gnome who has problems holding his body temperature at times and gets very cold, easily.

I looked into Haven sites but I can see a massive problem there, the kids running up and down the caravan it would make so much noise. I used to live behind a caravan site and believe me it’s not much fun listening to a herd of elephants running up and down a caravan all day/night. So I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Plus we wouldn’t get the benefit of the likes of Butlins and Haven as we wouldn’t be able to do most of the activities with the kids, who wouldn’t cope. I think as time goes on you know what a child with autism is likely to cope with.

So that’s , Haven, Butlins and all those sort of places out, camping is a no-no. What is left well there are boating holidays, mm 4 kids on a boat nope that’s out, don’t fancy them as they try to lean over the side or fall in. What else well there is abroad but they want silly money because of the size of the family we need 2 rooms well we just haven’t got that sort of money.

So it looks like another year and no holiday oh well just hope we have a decent summer so they play in the garden. Ideally I would love to take them to Disneyland in America, as they all love Mickey, Daisy and all things Disney. They would love to meet Mickey and all his friends

Does anyone know the lottery numbers so I can fulfill their dream , lol.

So booking a holiday with autistic/special needs children isn’t as easy as it seems.


15 responses to “The Difficulties of Finding A Holiday With Autistic / Special Needs Children

  1. maybe you could look into renting a holiday cottage theres loads of websites around x hope you manage to sort something out its always nice to have a break at least once a year

  2. We had a couple of surprisingly successful long weekends at Centre Parcs some years ago. We couldn’t do most of the activities, but that was ok because everything except swimming costs extra! It is really expensive for what it is, but BB was ok so everything was ok (you know what I mean!) and it’s not as noisy as Butlins / Haven.

  3. We always rent a holiday cottage. We find it too expensive taking 4 kids away. It is tiring for parents but kids have a ball once they get used to new environment & routines. We try to book near a beach or in a forest park. We have lots of BBQ’s and picnics and party food! Def try that option. We are gonna try and branch out & go to centre parcs this year. Restricted cos of FD’s surgery tho. Booking holidays are stressful! Good luck! X

    • Thank you I have looked at some cottages but not found anything suitable at the moment but I will keep looking.

      Centre parcs is too expensive for us was shocked at the price xx

  4. Belinda Matthews

    I bet your kept busy! I used to work with adults with ASD and we used to hire a house with a pool and lots of places to walk, have you thought about contacting the NAS to see if they can recomend anything.

  5. I got beaten to the comments about booking a holiday cottage! I definitely think it’s the way to go though, you can even cook them their favourite meals or get their favourite take away which may make the whole experience easier for them. My friend’s autistic son used to kick off on holidays because of the different food!
    Wherever you take them, I hope you all have a great time!
    Sarah x

  6. Hi, is another good website for holiday cottages.

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