The Trials and Tribulations

Yesterday was certainly full of trials and tribulations hence the title.

Let me tell you what happened it started all wrong so it should have been a warning of what was to come. Pinkie normally goes round to her friend’s house on a Monday after school, it is a regular routine. Well yesterday I couldn’t take her as I had to take Perkie to the doctor’s as he isn’t well. Well this caused Pinkie to go into meltdown, because she couldn’t go. We had name calling, throwing things you name it we had it, eventually managed to get her off to school, all I could say was good luck to the teachers they needed it with the mood she was in.

Then in the afternoon I had to make an emergency trip to the doctor’s with Little Gnome who suddenly went from pale to bright red and had a seizure. Well the outcome of that was this had made the doctor push the referral to pediatrician even more, so some good has come out of it.
The it was Perkie’s turn to go the doctor, he normally has problems even going to the doctor’s he got in and sat down, you could see he was very uneasy and he was holding on to me so tight. The reception was very quiet and he seemed to be ok. Then this family arrived and they were so noisy he started to flap and become agitated I thought oh no we are heading for a meltdown. I told the receptionist we would stand outside as he was autistic and not coping with the noise. I heard one smart comment but just couldn’t be bothered to challenge the woman about it.

Last night I was so upset, the fact that my 2 boys were ill which is heart wrenching enough.Also the fact Gnome had his first seizure that was so scary and that really worried me. I am so exhausted Mr Savvy and me a me are working on auto-pilot as Gnome is not sleeping . Oh the trials and tribulations of it all


5 responses to “The Trials and Tribulations

  1. Hey Hun! Sorry to hear you having difficult week again. Hope kids all doing better. Just ignore the comments from other people who obviously don’t have the intelligence to try to understand special needs kids. I had to bite my tongue once as I heard another child refer to my daughter as the child from the ‘retard group’. I figured going and punching her woulda got me arrested! Stay strong and put your superwoman knickers on!!!

  2. Hi Savvymum – I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Just thought I’d drop a line to say sorry you’re having a difficult time. I just don’t get these idiots who feel they have to make such offensive and public comments about our children.

    • Hello thank you for your comment.

      Thank you hopefully things will turn round soon it goes in waves doesn’t it . What do these people hope to achieve by their smart comments? don’t they know live is hard enough for our kids without idiots like that chipping in xxx. We will get awareness out there between us xx

  3. Don’t they realise that life at times is difficult enough without their snide comments?? Grrr.

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