The Meeting

Following on from my post the other day I had the meeting with the school. It went a lot better than I expected so much was sorted out.

The meeting was with the head, Pinkie’s teacher and myself. We talked about where my concerns were I told them all that was going on within the family, such as concerns about Gnome,waiting for his diagnosis, the meltdowns Perkie was experiencing at school and how violent he was getting at home. Told them he started slapping me and lashing out, I know he can’t help it still doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt 😦

Back to the meeting. We decided that I would get as much support as possible from outside agencies. I would also get in touch with sure start and see what groups were accessible for me, a referral to family support that is connected with the school has been made. The school is also going to set up a parent drop in to help and support parents like myself. That will be good as I will be able to talk to other parents, instead of being ignored. Also I was asked to get my CRB checks so that I can help out with the trips , which will be good . Then the teacher and me are having a regular meeting on a Tuesday.

So the moral to all of this please if you are not coping or think you can’t cope talk to someone. Please don’t feel you have to do it alone because you don’t , there is help and support you sometimes just have to ask. Don’t get like me where my body said enough and I broke down in the school playground of all places. Sometimes the people who can/will help could be the last person you expected. Remember you’re not alone …………..


5 responses to “The Meeting

  1. Am so glad it went well! I am sure it will all be life changing for you and Mr Savvy! 🙂 Interesting because some of Dan’s problems that he has been having in college stemmed from not talking to the right people! That came out in meeting today! 🙂 xx

  2. Great to hear that you’re getting support. You’re very right about asking for help before the body gives way; I struggled on for too long and its only in the last few months that I have joined a support group and am making friends with similarly affected mums.

    • So pleased you are getting some support. You think you can cope with all but sometimes you just need that bit of extra help and why shouldn’t you get the help .

      Hope the support group is helping you xxx

  3. I have a family support worker who has been my life saver … but there is no RL support group that operates at a suitable time for me – all start at gone 7pm 20miles away which is just not practical – that’s what I use the other place for …

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