My worries /concerns

Last week had to be one of the toughest weeks I have faced for a very long time, as each day went on it got worse. It all started off wrong and should have been a warning of what was to come.

Monday my baby had his first seizure which was very scary, so rushed him to the doctors, hopefully it is a one-off. Then by the end of the week all 4 kids plus Mr Savvy were ill.Then there was my breakdown in the school playground of all places which is a bit ironic as I hate the school playground and all the politics that go on within the other parents. The best bit about the week was the meeting at school where I was given lots of support, so things were looking up. Then BANG !!!! I get a phone call from the doctor over some blood tests on Friday.

My blood results came back that I had high cholesterol, now that on its own isn’t a worry but mix that with high unstable blood pressure and I am heading very rapidly towards a stroke/heart attack. Very scary stuff and not what I wanted to hear. My blood pressure nearly caused me to die the night I had Gnome as it became so uncontrollable. The nurses were so worried I was being checked every 10-15 minutes and wired up to all the monitors beeping away. So no way was I going to let my blood pressure get the better of me. I will do what ever it takes to get my blood pressure down. I want to be here and watch the kids grow up.

My concern is for Little Gnome he has his 1 year development check on Wednesday, what is this going to tell me that I don’t already nothing but it is going to highlight what he can’t do and make it more real. I am dreading Wednesday


12 responses to “My worries /concerns

  1. As I’m sure you know it won’t change Little Gnome in the slightest but it is horrid when it is finally spelt out by the professionals. Maybe, just maybe, it might speed up his appointment date.
    Remember we are all here for you and thinking of you at this time.

    Have you been given any ideas on how to manage your hypertension/cholesterol levels?

    • Thank you for all your lovely comments they mean so much.

      Yes it is horrid when a child’s problems are highlighted makes them more real doesn’t it ?

      It was suggested diet and exercise so going to give that a go xx

  2. Poor you, sounds like you’ve got so much to deal with, all at the same time. I hope everyone gets well soon, that the development check turns out better than you expect and that your blood pressure comes down as a result. Thinking of you and hoping for a better week ahead. x

  3. I can remember years back with YS was finally dx’d ADHD and Aspergers coming out with tears rolling down my face … and yet if you had asked me before or since I would have said ‘he has a bad case of wriggle-bum’ and that he doesn’t walk when he can run etc.
    I fought to get DD her dx and yet again it was a shock when it was confirmed and similar with ES when after 5 mins the Consultant said he was ‘text book Asperger’s’ yet we had been saying since ES was 2yrs old that we wouldn’t be surprised if he had a form of Autism :~

    If it makes it any easier he didn’t walk until 19.5 months and I was beginning to panic ….. he was running by 20months (and has been running ever since LoL)

    Good luck with the diet and exercise … come and join us in ‘FAB’ elsewhere. You would have thought you were running around enough already. LoL. Bet the stress side of it is a much more important factor in reality.

    • I think the whole diagnosis process is one of the worst experiences of a person’s life.

      Gnome I am not sure if he will ever walk but we cross that when we get there cos like you said stranger things have happened.

      Yes you would think with all the running around i would be super fit lol . I would love to come and join you in FAB just got to get myself sorted out xxx

  4. sending hugs. sounds like you need them ((((()))))

  5. I can only imagine how you feel about Wednesday. Its such a horrible exerience.

    Now my lovely, we need to sort you out! This high blood pressure lark is a worry and I am sure you have been given lots of advice. You sound determined to get it under control and I am sure you will.
    Love your honestly and the way you share what you are going through will everybody . Well done xxx

    • Thank you very much for such a lovely comment.

      Yes bp is a worry I won’t try to say otherwise hopefully with the medication and exercise will get it down. Wednesday I am absolutely dreading luckily Mr Savvy is at home xxx

  6. Hiya, a mixed week, some ups and downs hey? All the stress can’t be helping your bp but hopefully with some of the new developments you will be able to get it down now. Is high cholesterol a genetic thing in your family? Hope things get better soon!

    • Thanks for your comment

      No I don’t think any of the others suffer from high cholestrol. Yes hopefully with the medication and new developments the bp will come down xxx

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