A Day Of Firsts

Yesterday was definitely a day of firsts where Perkie was concerned he over come so many obstacles in one day, it was amazing it was as if he said “right today I am just going to go for it and conquer all my fears ”

As he is autistic he has sensory issues and problems with textures so much so he will only eat certain foods. We have always struggled to get him to take medicine, we have put in drinks, bribed him and everything possible but no avail. All week we have had to literally pin him down and use a syringe for him to take his anti biotics. Yesterday he said can I have my medicine and just took it straight from the spoon no kicking , screaming , WOW a breakthrough.

Later on in the day I said to him it was bath time, when I normally say bath he either runs and hides or screams at the top of his voice. Yesterday he came up stairs no screaming took his t-shirt off and got into the bath with no fuss. He usually stands to be bathed and he hates the water, again I have tried everything to conjole him to sit down but he never does. Well this time he got into the bath and sat in the water. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing after years of fighting with him at bathtime here he is sat in the bath laughing .

Then to top the day off nicely, he came downstairs and said he wanted the toilet. WHAT !!!! For 2 years now we have tried to toilet train him. He will go at school but no how, no way will he go at home. In his mind he has associated school with toileting. What an absolutely fantastic day so so proud of perkie and all the things he achieved today.

There was plenty of praise and stickers as he loves getting stickers oh and I think maybe a nice treat when he gets home as well for all his hard work . All I can say is wow , what a day πŸ™‚


23 responses to “A Day Of Firsts

  1. That is brilliant news, such a milestone for you all. They have these spurts and it makes us so proud.

    CJ xx

  2. Hurray! Well done Perkie. He obviously knew his Mummy needed a special day to lift her spirits and he did it in spades … as. let’s face it, you would have been over joyed with just one of these break throughs. Hope he continues with this excellant progress.

  3. Well he doesn’t do things by halves does he? Bless him! πŸ™‚ x

  4. All I can say is that I am absolutely overjoyed for you. Those breakthroughs are so precious. You have definitely earned your Mama wings. I am so happy for you. (((BIG HUGS)))

  5. Well goodness me!!! Thats all just brilliant!!! You will find now that times like today will happen more and more often and when they do you will feel like you have just won the lottery!! Next time you are having a crappy day, just think about today and know that it is possible and good times lie ahead!

  6. That’s amazing. Well done Perkie! You must be so so proud. x

  7. Fantastic! So pleased for you. It’s these kind of days that happen so rarely but make you feel on top of the world that make it all worth while. I sympathise about the food, Sasha won’t take medicine either – we had to resort to suppositories and be sneaky about it, which I hate doing!! Fortunately she’s not ill very often…. and your toilet story has given me hope – she resolutely refuses to go at the moment. Then I keep reminding myself she’s only 3 and a half, she’s young in the year so I shouldn’t push it. Would love o live without nappies though!! Anyhow enough of me ;0 and well done to you x

  8. Loved reading your post – I have a child who does not have special needs. Makes me realize how much I take for granted. Must remember to count blessings πŸ™‚

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  10. don’t forget to give yourself a very special star sticker too β€” amazing what perserverance and love can achieve!

  11. Thank you for sharing this exciting news. Smiles and blessings are being sent your way.

  12. Wow! Everything at once πŸ™‚ it all seemed to just fit in to place for him in one go, bless him xx

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