Oh It’s Tomorrow

I am so worked up about tomorrow, it is Gnome’s 1 year old development check and we know he is going to fail it but still not looking forward to finding out how much he will fail.

Right here are how I see things

1. he is unable to roll over without assistance, so that’s one thing

2. No way , no how can he sit up let alone unaided.

3. He is making no indications to crawl as he is unable to support his head whilst on his belly.

4.He is not talking can only say dada, daddy, hiya

5 He can not play with toys as they should, like building bricks, stacking things etc.

6. He will only eat Hipps organic rice pudding for a 4 month old, drink baby milk

7. he doesn’t sleep well at night, we are up at least twice a night a many a night Mr Savvy gets up at 4am as he won’t settle back down

I know we are going to have a talk on weaning but that seems futile as he can’t eat solids he gags on them. He is unable to feed himself as he can’t sit in a high chair because he can’t support himself. We are going to see about the sleeping problems but again there seems little point as it’s who Gnome is . Convinced he was a farmer in a previous life.

Despite all of the problems I would not alter him at all he is my loveable Little Gnome


3 responses to “Oh It’s Tomorrow

  1. Hey hun. I think you are approaching this with the right attitude. Yes, they may tell you whats wrong but the flip side is that they will be able to put together a care plan to work on these difficulties or get appropriate services/assessments/support in place. You will know what you are dealing with cos in some respects you are still in limbo. You know in your heart whats what but it does make a difference as you know to have these things confirmed so you can start to deal. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow and sending love your way. x

  2. If you find out more you will deal with it. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Little Gnome is very lucky to have you. He will thrive in his own unique way with you supporting and loving him every step of the way! x

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