He Can’t Do That

Today was Little Gnome’s development check as some of you know I was really worried about it and most definitely not looking forward to it, as I knew it would highlight all his problems

Well it went pretty much the same as I expected.

The first test was grip and pincher skills, he could use his left hand to get things but not his right, he did transfer things to his right hand.

He can’t turn pages of a book , nowhere near that stage.

He can’t sit unaided in turn feed himself, sit in a high chair in fact we are in the process of getting a chair from the Occupational therapist.

He certainly can’t stand or crawl.

He can’t talk so been referred to a speech and language therapist.

he can’t pull himself to sitting needs support

So you see he can’t do things a normal 1-year-old would do.

The outcome is his development skills are around that of a 8 month baby, his muscular skills non existant. I am being referred for the keyworkers scheme as she could see we would have a lot of agencies working with us again!!!!!

So here we go again for a third time all aboard the rollercoaster


18 responses to “He Can’t Do That

  1. Hiya hun, try not to worry, I know its easy for me to say, but as you know, Jay was the same at Gnomes age. He was still lay on his back, kicking his legs at 1 yr old. But he did things in his own time, with a cp dx.


  2. Oh 😦 I am so sorry. Poor little guy! And poor you. Such hard work and must be heartbreaking to watch as a mother. Will keep every finger and toe crossed for you that the extra therapy helps him come along leaps and bounds!

    Hugs to you and your lovely family!

    Maggy xx

  3. hi,
    my aid was the same at a year. also cp dx xxxxx

  4. im here for a rant if you need one xxxx

  5. it’ll be because of his chest infections i bet. did you ask them for videoflroscopy to check his swollow. poor lil man cant keep going with them 😦 xxxxx

    • Yes that has been put in the referral to the paed well the letter to check that out . yes you could be right as he wants to see the other kids notes but they are under a different surgery in the process of getting it swapped over.

  6. Oh gosh, when does it end. All of my three have issues, but one is much worse than the other two. Nice to get to know you a bit better on twitter.


  7. Hey Hun. Always remember u are not alone in all this. Things feel grim at the moment but this assessment is going to be the catalyst that will get things moving in terms of getting little gnome the help he needs & improving things a little for him & you! Go & have a good cry, followed by a choc biscuit! Works for me! Sending lots of love your way. X

  8. From my job point of view, do you have a SureStart Children’s Centre near you? If you do, seek out their Outreach Worker, they should be able to help. Ideally they would complete a CAF form, this form then gets distributed to all the professionals that would be working with your family so you don’t have to repeat everything over & over again! They can also co-ordinate meetings so that you can all meet at once & discuss who can do what & when in one hit, saving you attending appointments all over the place! Hope this helps & makes sense. Just yell if you’ve got any questions coz I’ve probably made this as clear as mud lol xx

    • Thank you the school have taken over now as the CAF workers , I am being assigned a keyworker most probably OT or Physio as they work with Gnome the most at minute.Now have family support worker as well. We are going to take Gnome to a play group that has a sensory room all being well

  9. Hi … sorry it was so depressing … hopefully it will push his referrals higher up the list. Ho hum. Personally I wouldn’t push his weaning until you know why he is gagging. He’ll be fine on the 4 month food and milk for the moment. ((((HUGS))))

    • Yes I am hoping all this will push him up the referral list a lot faster. Yes I think they are going to see why he gags as well, I think its swallowing reflux . Thanks for the hugs xxxx

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