Looking For Adoptive Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles

After a conversation last night on twitter and how most of us with special needs children have lack of family support, it got me thinking how much my kids miss out on things.

The kids come home and say oh such and such Grandad and Grandma sent X this, you know the sort of thing. My kids miss out on all this and I hate it especially on their birthdays and christmas when the only cards they get from family are from Mr Savvy and me. Now my Grandad absolutely dotted on the kids but unfortunately he passed away 6 weeks after I had Pinkie, I was devastated as from the age of 10 years old him and my Grandma were like my mum and dad.

I don’t really understand why family of all people distance themselves when a child is slightly different. Don’t they realise this is the time you need support the most. I think in any parents life the hardest words to hear is sorry your child has ………. Then you are given a book and left to your devices , you go through a series of emotions that of upset, anger and then finally you accept that the child is different. Then you see that people have problems accepting this, for me that hurts more than someone punching me.

So I am looking for adoptive Grandparents/aunts and uncles do you know of any?


8 responses to “Looking For Adoptive Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles

  1. ME! i’ll be an adopted auntie, im quite happy to send the kids cards and lil pressy for their bdays and at xmas 🙂 xxxx

  2. Do you think websites like these are any good?
    I assume it works along the same lines as a ‘dating website’ perhaps? Also perhaps if you contacted local care homes perhaps some of the more able residents would be keen for visits/days out with your family? I know a lot of elderly people get no visitors at all.
    Maybe eh? x

  3. You are so right! I was lucky in Canada as a wonderful lady has been my “like a mum” ever since my mum died. She is amazing and the closest the kids have had to a grandmother. She came to the hospital the minute Dan was born and was the first person to see him asides from me and his Dad. My mum would have loved her! You can put me down for Auntie if you like but you really need someone closer to home I guess. xxx

  4. I swear u have a bug in my brain tracking my thoughts! I was thinking about this last nite too after our twitter chat & thought it would make a good blog!!! Well done! Great blog post! X

  5. OMG!! Been briefly tweeting with you, only read one article at the moment and have welled up already! Our family would love to be adoptive auntie, uncle & cousins. I’ll DM you the bigger picture but let me just say ‘fate’ plays a clever game xx

  6. Well, i cant be there physically for them, but if yowould like a long distance auntie to send them special birthday cards and little treats then where to i sign up???


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