No Respect

Last night my 3 children trashed their rooms, some of it was through a meltdown but a lot of it was that of sheer destruction. So I warned them last night that they will be consequences and that they will tidy the room up today.

Well I wished I hadn’t bothered with what it uncovered I was devastated. They had gone into our bedroom and raided the wardrobe , found some folders on the Falklands that Mr Savvy had created when he was younger, ripped it all to pieces. They had got hold of photos of Diva as a baby, tore them . All these are things that I can not replace.

I started sorting the room and I uncovered more things that they had destroyed, vandalised or broken. I honestly don’t know what to do. How can I make them learn respect. They have ripped so many books I had collected over the years and some in particular were a collection of books on Buckingham palace that my dad bought me when we went on a trip to London when I was 7 years old. Now I have no books or Dad just the memories.

To say Mr Savvy and I are upset is a very big understatement. I just don’t know where to go from here they are banned from the Wii (which they love ) for 2 weeks, locked all the children’s channels on the tv, what else can I do


6 responses to “No Respect

  1. What a nightmare for you… you must feel at your wits end! You’ve done the right thing, banned the wii, tv etc…. Nicholas is like that, trashes everything, some of it because of his problems but sometimes just sheer naughtiness… also throws his dinner at me sometimes…. whereas Joshua is all verbal which sometimes hurts even more. Respect is learnt with time as we all know… keep doing as you are and they will learn along with mine, I hope! Huge hugs to youxxx

    • Thank you for your comment and hugs xxxx

      It is so difficult at times, you think you have it sorted then bang something else comes along. I hope that Nicolas and Joshua learn along with mine that it does hurt when they do these things.
      You are doing a great job as well sending you hugs xxxx

  2. Oh my goodness ! I feel so sorry for you and Or Savvy 😦 I am sure the kids dont realise how they have hurt you as they probably dont get ” sentimental value ” so you need to tell them like you told us ” no books no dad ” . I would put a lock on your bedroom door too ! You are right they have to learn to respect your things so I think banning them from activities is good just dont make it too long so that you suffer too ! Good luck with it all. There sounds like there may be some jealousy issues there which they might not have talked about ! Hope you can get over to them how hurt they have made you! X x

    • Hi hun thanks for the comment, yes it could be that Gnome is seen to having all the attention, when in reality this isn’t true. , yes definitely getting a lock for the door. They are just going to break everything and I’m not letting them. Yes they know they upset me not sure if the appreciate it, but least they know xxxxx

  3. Oh no that’s so awful I really feel for you x Jake’s having major problems too with repecting his toys and books and other peoples too. I dread visiting other peoples houses because 9 times out of 10 he will break or rip something. You have done the right thing by banning them from the Wii x Sending you lots of hugs x

    • Hi thanks for your comment, yes it is hard at times especially going to other peoples houses you have to constantly watch them don’t you. Thanks for the hugs.

      I hope Jake starts to respect his toys, then that will be one less worry for you xxxxx

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