He Did It

Today Gnome had his usual physio and occupational therapy session, to help him roll over , sit up etc as he has mobility problems .

They bought him a Leckey Squiggles chair to help support him as he sat. They tried him in this and he sat there, no going floppy as usually happens. He sat there all on his own , unsupported the first time ever he has done this. I was so very proud of him and his sat there very happy with himself of his achievement. WOW.

So the physio said let’s take this one step further and try to get him to sit up without the aid of the squiggles. The first couple of times he flopped backwards then all of a sudden they let go of him and he sat there, OMG!!!!!. So the OT sat behind him and Gnome was sat there quite happily without any support, he was chatting a way and trying to reach for his toys.

What a first, my Gnome sat unaided for the first time in his life. He is still very floppy and lost control of his body a few time I think he always will be like that unfortunately but least now he can sit up and see the world from a different perspective


12 responses to “He Did It

  1. That is absolutely fantastic news!! xx

  2. nicci cowdell-murray

    what brilliant news, you must be sooo proud xxx

  3. Wow!!!! Wonderful. And a perfect post for Special Saturday!!! Now will you listen to me when I tell you that every bad day is offset by a good day!!! LOL. Am very happy for you hun!


  4. Wow what wonderful news 🙂

  5. FAB NEWS !!! well done to little gnome xx

  6. Absolutely wonderful news 🙂 It’s great when they make significant progress like that x

  7. This is so great to hear! 🙂

  8. Aww bless!!! Maybe he needed to know what sitting up properly felt like so his body could figure out what it needed to do!! Am so happy for you! 🙂 xx

  9. wendy (@kikicomp)

    thats lovely hun x

  10. Amazing!!!!!!!!!
    Well done gnome!xx

  11. Brilliant, brilliant news … what a major step forward.

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