Am I Invisible

This week this has really come to head I have either spoke, said things online, have gone for things like reviews and no one seems to listen to me, so it got me thinking perhaps I am invisible.

This all started this week, I told the kids to sort their rooms out of course this fell on deaf ears so they continued to play. I stood at the bottom shouting at them to come downstairs but do you think they heard me, must be my quiet voice lol. So I go upstairs and what do they do instead of tidying their rooms all 3 come downstairs I thought flipping typical. There has been several incidents like that this week.

Then there was the incident of talking to a professional who work with the kids. I did say can we talk about getting some support please, I asked very polite and clearly. She sat chatting away about something completely different not relevant but it was quite useful . Then out of the blue said
“I think we should look and finding you some support ”

I thought ,What ? Didn’t I say that about 20 minutes ago, so we discussed ways of getting support. Which reminds me if you have autistic /special needs children please check you are getting all the advice/support/services you are entitled to. It seems for years we have missed out on a few services that should have been working with us.

Then online there has been incidents of people asking for reviewers I have sent the tweet saying I would love to test/review X I mean who doesn’t like trying new things out, I know I do. Do you think they noticed, nope my tweet got lost in cyber space or my email got misplaced.
So again I miss out on reviewing some wonderful things. Yes I am a blogger but I do like/love to review things and will quite happily blog about said item.

Then there is the school run no one talks to me while we are all waiting for our little darlings to come out, so I must be invisible that proves it. Imagine if you was invisible to the world how would you feel ?


11 responses to “Am I Invisible

  1. I often feel the same at times am home alone most days whilst daughter at school hunny at work etc but when they are here its like im invisable! i often respond to stuff online and get ignored aswell shall we start up an invisable club?? ;o x
    @missdaisy32 x

  2. I notice this most when people walk right into me on a busy street! Helllooooooooooo! I am here!!! I know I’m only 5’3″, but still… it’s ridiculous, how I can be missed entirely as though I’m not there at all!

  3. Invisible ? Not a chance!

  4. You are definitely not invisbile to those who care about you!!! And don’t forget, those superwoman knickers come with built in invisibility shield to protect us from all the idiots in the world. sometimes the invisibilty shield automatically switches on when our children enter the room. Its one of the downsides to being superwoman!

  5. Oh dear – I know the feeling unfortunately! I often wonder how people get noticed even when they don’t have anything of value to say! Still, I know you are not invisible and I do comment! Give it time and soon everyone will notice you. You are doing a great job with the blogs and if people are ignoring you it isn’t for anything you have or have not done. Just keep being yourself and the rest of the world will catch up eventually! xx

  6. Often feel the same! That’s typical of special needs professionals, never listening to parents, only themselves. There are services out there but unfortunately they aren’t forthcoming with their support. Unless we fight, plead and beg, it usually turns into a battle. However, saying that, it’s what our children need so we carry on fighting.

    You are definitely not invisible.

    Hello, yoohoo, is there anybody there?

    Take care, CJ xx

  7. You are not invisbile to me, I see you, I see what you have achieved so far to help raise awareness for Autistic/Special Needs children.
    On-line I often miss peeps tweets and they miss mine it is just the way it goes sometimes. It does not mean we are ignored, I often think o must go back and say hello or comment on the blog, and then forget.
    It is a shame to see that you have been missed out on some reviews.
    As for me I too live a life of being invisible, I spend everyday on my own and if I have the OH here I don`t think he see`s me either.
    I don`t speak for hours, you gotta laugh I sometimes speak to my dogs just so I know I still got a voice.

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  9. I agree, its a special needs thing more than anything else. I have even had a couple of people decide to take over, thinking they can tell me what I am not doing right. Uh huh, do they have special needs kids ????

    Invisibility for me is common, as my kids don’t always act the same as others, so they get ostracised. I love the internet, as on here we are all as equal as each other, and we get a good chance to educate people who don’t know any different. Internet people are all here for one reason, and that is to talk, as they need the outlet, and they seem to mostly be more open and willing to listen.

  10. I think there are times when we all feel like this, when we are screaming to be heard, but are drownd out by everything else. I am listening and I have featured you on my no need for the sunday papers this week

  11. i actually know (or used to know) how you feel and i still see signs where it looks to me like no one is listening.

    but i did one little thing in my life.

    In my search to get more support for autism i became involved in politics

    it is amazing to know how many people can quote every word you ever said when they try to demonize you lol.

    that said sometimes i still feel i am getting ignored but i do know that without fail someone will try to throw anything i say in my face at the least opportune time so if they are trying that they must be listening even if they wont talk to me. And to me that means the message is getting out even if it is not being acted on.

    and now my favorite personal message to all autistic parents.

    if you feel that not enough is being done GET INVOLVED. find a party that you can support and get involved in the grassroots perferably as a candidate because this is what is needed to get support for our situation. If we do not do it no one else will.

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