A lightbulb Moment

It’s strange how one minute you can think of things then all of a sudden out of the blue you have a lightbulb moment and everything is crystal clear.

For weeks I have been struggling with not getting picked for reviews. I wanted to be taken seriously as a blogger and thought you had to tons of reviews to do it. I know my blog is different from other parenting blogs as I write specifically about autism and special needs, to be honest I didn’t think it would get many readers but these last few months have proved me wrong. In November I was in the wikio parenting rankings at 18,000 yes you read that right. December it jumped up to a ranking of 180 , January it was ranked at 38, February it was ranked at 50. Now to be this is great as it shows people are reading more about autism/special needs. Then I thought if I do all the reviews going perhaps it would be ranked higher.

Yesterday we were travelling back from a day out and I thought, why am I doing all these reviews?, what difference does it make how many read the blog?. I didn’t write the blog for the kudos my blog is all about helping people. Out there in cyberland there are hundreds of parents in the same position as me. Some scared, lonely, isolated, it these sorts of people I WANT to help. I remember when my son was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old , how scared,angry and upset I was. I needed to talk to people . I read all the books going but all I wanted was someone who had been through it so I could relate to what they were saying.

I think I had lost my passion and mojo to write my blog and had got caught up in all the rankings etc, instead of why I love blogging. I would still love to review things, who doesn’t like trying new things out. I have been really lucky and tested some very nice things. I think though its time to get back to basics and start to feel passionate about writing my blog rather than thinking I must do a blog post.


5 responses to “A lightbulb Moment

  1. You Go Girl! Your blog is an inspiration & motivation to other parents……….& professionals. Believe me…I’ve learnt loads from reading about your ‘trials & tribulations’ & it’s made me want to do more to help in lots of ways. Not just in raising awareness, although that’s the most important message to be sending out but also it’s motivated me to seriously consider further studying & training in more specialised parent/family support. So ‘Thank You’ for motivating me & giving me that ‘lightbulb moment.’ Tara x

  2. I just want to thank you for taking the time to write a blog. We are currently in the process of getting a diagnosis for Jake. I’m finding very few people around us understand what we are going through as a Family and why should they! It’s been so comforting knowing people understand.

    Big hugs xxx

  3. I love reading your blog … I never get the impression that you do it to be rated x out of y. I assumed you did it more as a personal record of how the children were doing day to day and as a side line helped to keep you in contact with the outside world.

    I know that there are times when if I didn’t use the forum I wouldn’t talk /interact with anyone for hours at a time.

  4. Your blog is so honest and true. I’m so glad I found it tbh. It’s easy to feel isolated and that no one understands what your going through when your child has disabilities or additional needs. Friends you have whose children don’t have these problems can offer support but it’s not the same. I’ve been desperate to find people who can relate. Thankyou!!! Xxx

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