Time For A Change

I have been thinking about my blog for a while ways of improving it. Well after having a chat with some lovely people on twitter I think its time for change. All the comments on the blog are the same people not only use it as a blog but a resource as well do you that’s a big compliment that you use my blog like that thank you.

Anyway some of the changes I was thinking about is firstly the name, the name is a bit long and to be honest I never expected the blog to take off as much as it did. The jury is still out on the name lol.
So with a new name comes a new look very exciting.

Then what do people think about a forum so parents can come and chat and help each other, either on this blog of the forspecialneeds blog.

Did think about combining the 2 blogs but think it would work better having 2 separate ones.

what else would people like to see on my blog do you like the ideas of reviews being on there , I think this gives you ideas of what is available and how special needs children benefit/use them.

Please let me know what you think I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas


11 responses to “Time For A Change

  1. Love the idea of a forum. I think it would have a lively atmosphere. Reviews would be great . Especially for sensory stuff. We got put in touch with a resource in the north east for the loan of sensory equipment, it’s a charity called tabithas toys. Wonder what else it out there similar? We found it through banardos but with the demise of it’s funding fir support I think places like forums and blogs are the future of spreading info like this? Iykwim ?
    Rach xxx

  2. I agree a forum would be fantastic so families could share their positive and negative experiences and as Rachel said share vital information about support and funding organisations, which you only seem to find out about when you speak to other Parents/carers.

    Keep up the great work.

    Big hugs, Debbie xxx

  3. I think a forum would be great especially on the special needs blog, I also agree that you should keep the two of them seperate I think that is better. Go for it you have nothing to loose xx

  4. Definitely think that is a great idea. That way people can ask questions, ask for and make suggestions and just share information. Great idea girl! :)xx

  5. Like the idea of a forum to share and chat about experiences; I’ve ended up doing this on twitter a bit but you only have 140 characters which is limiting. I’m not sure twitter is for that really is it?

  6. Hi, I have tweeted the special needs website and was a pleasure to have some of my blog posted last week. i will happily contribute again! Well done you!

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