Gnome Is Now ……

Last week I wrote a post on how Gnome despite his mobility problems sat up on his own, which is absolutely amazing because at 13 months old he has never been able to do this.

Well all week he has been practising to sit using the Leckey Squiggles seat, we have had lots of floor time to improve his muscle development as he has very low muscle tone. As he started to become more confident I have taken away the use of the Leckey Squiggles. He sits on the floor with me sat behind him for support. Now as the days has progressed he isn’t relying on me as much now and sitting independently ok its only for few minutes till he loses control of his muscles but he is still doing it. So very very proud of him.

I decided to get him a high chair so he could at least see more of what was going on and for his safety when I have to leave the room. I had it reclined for the last couple days as he is unable to sit up in it without leaning to the left. This morning I put him in and tried to sit him upright and he sat there, no leaning he sat upright .OMG !!!!!!
My baby is now sitting up playing OMG he is playing I am sat here crying as this is something that I would never see. I am one very proud mummy


13 responses to “Gnome Is Now ……

  1. Aww that’s great. You must be very proud.

  2. Lovely news 🙂 Felt the same when Smiley (my dd with cerebral palsy) first got the strength to sit straighter x

  3. Oh thank goodness for that, I am sure he will exceed all your expectations in his own time. He’s amazing!

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  5. well done to gnome and to you too!!

  6. I’m so proud of gnome, and you! This news has made me well up, and given me hope !!!

  7. Congrats yall! 🙂

  8. Ohhh I’m SOOO happy for you both!! 🙂 xxx

  9. Fantastic news … I am always amazed how children develope at this age … they seem to be stuck ‘doing nothing’ and then suddenly in a matter of days they have a spurt where they leap forward.

  10. Brilliant. Funny how it’s the little things now which can make us so happy, isn’t it?!

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