A Visit From The Appliance Online Fairy Godmother

Last week was an awful week so much was going on the kids had suffered major meltdowns. I was feeling very disheartened with everything and everyone a very down week.

Then my 13 month old Gnome sat unaided for the first time in his life. He is still very floppy and lost control of his body a few times I think he always will be like that unfortunately but least now he can sit up and see the world from a different perspective. So I wanted to get him a treat to say well done for his massive achievement.

Well you should have seen my surprise when I looked in my email and saw a message from appliance online who had read my blog and had wanted to offer me some Amazon vouchers as a gift. Well who could say no to such a generous offer.

So thanks to appliance online Gnome has some fantastic sensory toys that will help him and he absolutely loves them.
There is more if you leave a comment at the bottom of this post the Appliance Online Fairy Godmother might be just reading this and some of you may get a visit from them.


15 responses to “A Visit From The Appliance Online Fairy Godmother

  1. That is so nice. I have read so much about Appliance Online giving nice gifts – it really is fab marketing for them! Hope Gnome enjoys his toys xx

  2. Wow that’s brilliant!!
    So pleased gnome is enjoying his sensory toys
    Rach xxxx

  3. awww that is such a lovely gesture,so pleased for you & gnome xxxxx

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  5. It is so heartwarming to read that there are people/companies out there that take their time to read other peoples blogs, and from reading them them they decide to help the person writing them. I wholeheartedly believe that they are fantastic people who take their time to do this as it brings so much relief to the family when they are able to feel much happier. xoxo

    Thank you Appliance Online for making this family smile even harder this week πŸ™‚

  6. How fantastic! Just the pick up you needed at the right time! Well done Appliances Online, clearly a company that cares!

    Hope today is a good day for you & the brood Wendy x

  7. They’re a fantastic company.
    I got my washing machine from them a month or so ago and it was such a fantastic price and is the best one I’ve ever owned!
    They’re brilliant! πŸ™‚

  8. What a lovely surprise!! :O) Fantastic that Little Gnome is sitting up now!x

  9. What a lovley gesture
    Its so nice that, in this age of selfishness and arrogance a company can see someone that needs a boost and out of thier pocket make it possible for them to get some great things, and its just like Wendy to get things for her kids, a lot of people would have had a tiny thought of themselves, but not Wendy. Not an iota was there honey!
    So pleased little Gnome is mastering new skills, it must have given your heart such a boost.
    love and hugs to the savettes!!!!!

  10. That’s brilliant Wendy! It’s great to know that people who deserve things actually get a break sometimes!! Lovely that LG has benefited from this which can only go to help him progress!! You will never be able to keep up with him! Really chuffed for you! xxx

  11. That is awesome, what a wonderfully kind thing to do!
    I hope Gnome enjoys his new toys!

  12. Ahhhhh ……. how amazing! That’s such a fantastic thing for you, and Gnome.
    I hope he enjoys his new gifts, and that he continues to amaze you with his achievements!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  13. What a lovely gesture … Thank You Appliance Online Fairy Godmother for making such a difference for this family …and little gnome definitely deserved a big treat for doing so well.

    I hate it when the children have melt downs – my YS had a bad one on Friday – I hope your schools handled your children’s better than mine.

  14. You do so much for SEN and your family, you really deserve this treat!

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