Were You There ?

Why don’t you love me , what did I do that’s so wrong? All my life I have tried to impress you but everything I seem to do gets thrown back in my face. Even from a very young age you distanced yourself from me and that really hurt, but you was never there , did you care ? You missed all my plays at school and never came to see what I had achieved. You have given me very little self-esteem and now I think anything I do is never good enough. I find it very hard to accept praise.

Then when I went through a tough stage in my life where everything was bleak, I had lost virtually everything but did you hear my plea no as usual you just ignored my cries. I needed you but you never came. Some how I found the strength to get through the darkest period of my life without you.

Through the years it took me a long time to rebuild my life and that was all through having a loving husband that is so supportive. Without him I don’t know where I will be now. You don’t hear my pleas but do you know what, that’s ok I have my life. I will support my children and I will go to see them in school plays and I will be proud of all their achievements no matter how great or small.

I have done this without you, you weren’t there, where were you ?


20 responses to “Were You There ?

  1. Wow, that was a very powerful comment on a type of relationship that is all too familiar. How lovely that you could put it into words so eloquently.


  2. I know exactly where you are coming from with this. I hope you feel better from talking about it.
    Love Sarah

  3. All seems very familiar & close to my heart! Thanx for sharing. X

  4. Have always said you choose your friends but you can’t help who your family are. Have had to deal with this type of neglect myself – giving a bar of chocolate as a payoff instead. So now I just speak to friends and my sons x

  5. Great honest post – well done for your bravery!

  6. Thanks for sharing this, and sadly the father of my children is exactly the same 😦

  7. Wow, I feel everyone of those words. I could send thIs to my patents to.

  8. I have through the same things as u and i am still going through it

  9. This rings bells for me too. So glad you found someone to love. It’s weird learning you’re lovable when you really didn’t think you were isn’t it? Weird but good.

  10. Catrina Shackleton

    Such an honest and heartfelt post but, you know that your children will never have to feel the same pain you went through, that is easy to see! Remember, friends are the family we would choose, xx

  11. I know where you are coming from to say the least … it is very sad so many of us seem to have personally experienced this.

  12. Its so hard to actually say the words isnt it. I know i’ve tried.

    But never forget you have made a life despite it all, and more importantly yu have broken the cycle, you could have been just the same, but if ou are like me (and i know yuo are 10 times better) you say to yourself NO i WILL NOT be like that, and activly work on it so you are not.
    Love and huggles, and if i’m Auntie smurfy, then i’m sister smurfy too dont forget that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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