Savvy’s Blog Is Moving

Twitter as you know is a great place to connect with people and great media outlet for a blogger, its gets your message/news out to a lot of people. Since I have been blogging which isn’t really that long as I only started in July 2010, I have met a lot of wonderful people. In particular a group of the most kindest generous people I have ever met so I would like to mention and thank



Bath Marketing

TPB media

The Trials and Tribulations of the Savettes from a blog into a web site. Yes you read right these lovely people have all been part of making a new website, giving me a new domain and hosting the website, which they all have kindly donated to me.

So The Trials and Tribulations of the Savettes will be known as the SAVETTE GAZETTE which is at http:// . So if you want to come and follow me on my new venture please feel free and thank you to all your support as a reader of the blog

What do you think to the new name ?


5 responses to “Savvy’s Blog Is Moving

  1. WOW! Good job organizing all this. Very impressive.

  2. Congratulations on your move – sounds exciting!

  3. Fab news,
    LOVE the name !!!!

  4. Loving the new name!! Sounds exciting!

    Piddley Pix

  5. WOW fancy shmancy, I hope our blog/network grows up like this. Keep up the great stuffs.

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