Why ?

All weekend its been question after question I know all children do this and I was a master at keeping the why questions going but it is so annoying, when a child goes on and on with the same questions it’s all do with quirks of autism.

Here are a few examples,

“Mummy, why can I walk on the road, when I’m not allowed on the road ?”

“Mummy, why do you say upstairs to bed ?” it’s up the stairs.

“Mummy, why do I have days off school at the weekend “, when you tell me I have to go to school as I am not having a day off?

“Mummy, why can’t you go down that road because it says shut when there are cars coming down it.

“Mummy, why does the beach say shut even though there are cars and diggers on it”, it’s not shut is it?

Now my turn to ask why?

Gnome “why don’t you sleep at night “, but you can happily sleep in the car

Pinkie and Perkie, “Why can you clean up at school and be the cleaning monitor? “, yet you think its ok to trash your rooms !!

Diva “why when I ask you to take the clean clothes upstairs, you let Pinkie and Perkie throw them all over the floor instead of putting them away ?”

Gnome “why do you constantly scream, but as soon as your Dad comes home from work you shut up ?”

To the parents in the playground ” Why do you ignore me, why don’t you just talk to me. I know I am a bit strange having several heads but everyone is different in their own way.

REMINDER >>>> Can I remind people the blog is moving and changing its name . Its now the Savette Gazette thank you . I hope you will come and follow me on my new site


One response to “Why ?

  1. Can so empathise with this post, my son is now 14 but still get the “why?” questions, and when I do answer them I usually get another “why?” to that.
    Have also been through the playground situation, keep your chin up, its them that have the problem, not you or your son đŸ™‚

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