Gnome’s Temper Tantrum

For all my new readers hello and welcome, I want to share a bit about Gnome. He has mobility problems and is unable to sit and stand . As to why , well that’s yet to be diagnosed.

Today he has been a foul mood , nothing has pacified him, he constantly screamed, which gets me down as there is no let up in it. I could see earlier today how this evening was going to pan out, well I thought I did. After a major temper tantrum his dad was picking him up to put him on his knee. When it happened……….

Gnome in his temper put 2 feet FIRMLY on the floor he put his feet to the ground. This is the first time since he was born he is now 14 months. My baby boy stood for a few seconds. That certainly makes up for the rotten day


10 responses to “Gnome’s Temper Tantrum

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    awww….I bet it brought tears to your eyes to see! Well done little gnome! Wonder if he’ll do it more now he knows he can, xx

  2. Aw, that’s so great !

  3. I’m radiant for you. Sometimes a hot temper can do the trick so that the little one can say “See! I can do what I want!” All the while, your heart rejoices. I am so glad to hear that the Gnome is progressing. He’s always in my prayers. He’s a special little guy.

  4. Rachel jeffares

    That’s amazing!!!!!!!! Woohoo! Xx

  5. Great, let’s hope he realises it’s a good thing and it can be repeated! x

  6. This is brilliant though I won’t suggest you upset him again just to help him stand.

  7. That’s great news! Lets hope he stands again.

  8. layla fletcher

    Thats Brilliant, They are stubborn little buggers, hopefully he will get stronger and have a few more tantrums lol

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