The Land Of Me

If you’re looking for a video game that’s interactive and at the same time is educational then look no further than The Land Of Me this is such a great interactive storybook designed for children aged 2-6 years old.

This game is split up into 6 chapters, where each chapter can be purchased and downloaded. I would personally download the chapters without the children being about as it does take quite a while and they could get bored. Each of the chapters covers a specific subject as shapes, size .dance and rhythm, storytime . How you use the chapters is up to you I used it to help them with their learning especially of shapes and colours. There are 3 characters that the children can identify with. Buddy Boo the bear, Eric the racoon, Willow the owl

This game is great and it has soothing music in the background and great graphics. What I personally like about this is that game was devised with special needs and autistic children in mind, which for me as a mum to autistic /special needs children is a big bonus. I have lost count of the computer games we have bought and won’t play with as they are too noisy, too crowded etc. This game is great because it has a rigid 3 choices per chapter so the children know there are always 3 choices, as autistic children work on routine. Another think that helped my children were they were able to identify but not always understand the character’s feelings.

Another thing I loved about The land of Me there are lots of extras you can use and do as well , such as 100 printable activities to perfect for a rainy day such as puzzles and masks to make. There are also videos to download of the animals in their natural habitat.

So come and take a look at the free download of the first chapter and tell you your not hooked.


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