Are You Listening

Do you ever get the impression you’re not being heard, this is how I am feeling NO-ONE is listening to me. Do I exist well yes think so, so why can no one hear me?

To the mums in the school playground – I know you see me , but why do you always insist of talking round me, over me do know how damn right rude that is. Then to let your kids keep bumping into Gnome’s buggy well sorry if you do that anymore I will say something , instead of trying to do a mummy dance round the buggy just to stop them hitting it.

To my lovely neighbours – when you see me struggling with the kids, when they are having a meltdown why not come and speak to me instead of giving me your filthy looks. By the way I don’t appreciate your sort of music at any time least not at midnight, with the kids running up and down the stairs and banging the doors. Perhaps I should start playing them games say about 3am when you have just crawled into bed ? As for the swearing i don’t really want to hear it this year , you are not forcing us to stay in the house all summer due to your foul language, sort it out.

My darling children – when I ak you to do a job let’s face it, they are not difficult jobs why do you make such a task. It then takes ages to sort out and I knew I should have done it myself.
Also if you want your clean clothes thrown all over the floor I can do that and give you the crumpled look you long for that is not a problem because I just waste my time trying to make you look smart.

Marley my loveable puppy – look if you want to get up 6am and bark your head off to wake all the house up, please leave it a bit longer till you start said barking. When we go for walks you really have to learn we are going where I want to go not where you decide and sitting down not moving just doesn’t cut it, get it .

My family you don’t know nothing about us our situation or anything. I mean that phone call from my sister said it all she didn’t know details about me that in reality she should. So think its time to say you’re not there for me. No worries I have the most loving and supportive husband to back me up. Then of course there is my lovely online family that are so helpful and with me every step of the way I really appreciate it. Thank you


2 responses to “Are You Listening

  1. Hey, we’re listening hunny. Might not have been in touch so much this week, been a bit on the hectic, stressy side but still trying to keep up with all your news :0). Feel like we already know so much about you and your lovely family, including all those things that your sis didn’t, so feel very priviledged. Sending you all loads of love, keep up the good work and regular communication will resume soon ;0)…….promise xxxx

  2. Catrina Shackleton

    I’m definitely listening and love to hear your news and how you’re all doing! To the ignorant mothers in the playground, take no notice (even though it hurts) they’re just not worthy of being your friend! To your neighbours, let the dog bark at 6am when they’ve only been in bed since 3am and see how they like it!
    As for the crumpled look….it’s all the rage this year, xx

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