Savettes News

An update on the Savettes. Sorry I haven’t blogged as much recently its been a mixture of things don’t want you all getting fed up of reading about the Savettes and not much has changed till I sit down and think about it then I realise it has.

I am still waiting for a decent appointment for Gnome’s diagnosis I mean August is a bit unrealistic. The other children are doing well, I have even got them all in to afterschool clubs. Took a bit of searching for a club for Perkie because he is autistic , hopefully we have found one he will enjoy More running back and forwards to school to pick them up but if they are happy.

We desperately need a holiday this year just a change of scenery but our finances won’t stretch to a holiday. We are sending Diva on an adventure holiday with school as we decided after all she has to put up with her brothers and sister she needs a treat. It will be good for her to try new experiences. My little girl is growing up she will start secondary school in September.

Perkie who currently attends special school ,is going to be intergrated into main stream school for 3 afternoon sessions to help him improve his social skills. He is doing so well at school except his social skills so we are trying to work on them. We are also experiencing a few more meltdowns so going to try using a visual timeline again, to help him cope with the day.

I was upset this week my step sister rang up to ask me some details do you know what she never even knew birthday, where I lived or anything how sad is that? On the plus side everything is going so well I have a new website which I absolutely love, #specialsaturday is a new blogging meme to raise awareness is taking off.


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