About Savvymum4

Welcome to my blog the purpose of this blog is to share my  experiences as a mum of 1 child who is autistic and 2 children that have special needs . This is a personal insight of how we deal with everyday problems and we overcome them. Share in our battles and triumphs we encounter along the way. I refer to my 3 youngest children as special angels to me they are MY special angels.

A bit about me my name is Wendy I am married with 4 children


14 responses to “About Savvymum4

  1. Hon, your blog is as inspiring as you are. I must admit i’ve had the thought ‘having a autistic child must be difficult’ but your blog challenged me to think about the times i have struggled with my own children. And i realised there have been many times i’ve thrown my hands in the air in desperation and notknown what to do. Especially with mr shrimp. People think you donthave problems with a higly intelligent child but because of you ve begun to startthinking of his behaviour in therms of his little quirks rather than being naughty. Oh he can be naughty, but since i’ve been learning what things make him over react, its helped me stay calmer. He is finally setting in school, in the last year of juniors ho hum big changes again next year but i’ll cope with that when it arrives.
    Thanks for helping me see even my own children in a different way!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’re doing a great job keep it up love me xx

  3. Hi Wendy.

    I am really impressed. Bringing up four children is no easy task. And more than one with special needs… I take my hat off to you!!

    I, also have four children. Three girls and one boy. My son has severe ADHD and ensures our lives to be full of challenges.

    All the best to you and your family. I am truly wowed!

    Sarah May (pigsdontswim)

    • Thank-you for your lovely comment and compliment

      Yes life is never boring, but don’t you find you learn more through the challenges. I do.

      Hope to chat to you again Sarah



      • No, it’s never boring here either!

        I’ve learned a lot, it’s true. But I’m going grey more quickly too (I do suspect) 😉


  4. Yes, thats what made me go grey, all I can say thank goodness for hair dyes lol

  5. All i can say is that you are inspiring, i know you think you are just a mum who is struggling to cope but i see a woman who is doing her very best and still trying to help others as well.That to me is inspiring and i think that you and your husband are amazing xxx

  6. Hey Wendy….. love what I’m reading so far…. 🙂 xxxxx

  7. Hi Wendy,

    What an amazing woman you are!! I’ve just started reading your blog, but what I’ve read so far has had me in awe of you and all the other mummys who go through what you do. You are all inspiring! 🙂

    Dolly xxx

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